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This page contains a list of all cards that were available within the game as well as all event cards. There are currently 479 Character Cards (not counting evolutions) and 23 Stack Cards in the game. The Card Archives mention 1919 Character Cards because it includes the 4 evolutions and the 3 special cards:

(479 cards x 4 evolutions) + 3 special = 1919 Character Cards

The Archives mention 96 Stack Cards because the vehicle upgrade parts are also included.


This list of cards is for UNEVOLVED (base) CARD STATS ONLY. Please do not add stats of evolutions. There are too many possible evolution methods to list them in the confined space that this wikia page allows. To determine the stats of Evolved cards please find the stats of the card listed on this page and refer to the formulas on the evolution page.


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Image Name Side Range Base ATK Base DEF Max ATK Max DEF ACC EVA Skill Cost Desc.
1antidarwilliams Antidar Williams Lightside M 240 360 360 642 100 10 - 1
Antidar Williams is a pilot in service of the Galactic Republic. He helmed the Radiant VII diplomatic cruiser to Naboo during the Trade Federation blockade of the planet.
1captainpanaka Captain Panaka Lightside M 660 750 1400 2100 100 10 - 5
Queen Amidala's head of security on Naboo, he leads every branch of the Royal Naboo Security Forces.
1perosei Perosei Lightside M 250 320 610 920 100 10 - 2
A member of the Naboo Palace Guard who could disassemble and re-assemble a Naboo blaster in less than 60 seconds.
1ricolié Ric Olié Lightside M 500 610 600 960 100 10 - 2
Ric Olié served as the leader of Bravo Flight in the Naboo Space Fighter Corps. Although he technically receives his orders from Captain Panaka, Olié's opinions are always respected.
1captaintypho Captain Typho Lightside M 490 640 1200 1700 100 10 - 4
Gregar Typho succeeded his uncle, Captain Panaka, as Captain of Qui-Gon Jinn's security detail.
Screenshot 2013-09-19-21-24-34-1-1- Tigran Jamiro Lightside M 380 450 650 950 100 10 - 2
Tigran Jamiro is a senior logistics officer in the Rebel Alliance. He took part in the Battle of Hoth, while serving at Echo Base.
IMG 1383 Tigran Jamiro
Tigran Jamiro is a senior logistics officer in the Rebel Alliance. He took part in the Battle of Hoth, while serving at Echo Base.
1admiralackbar Admiral Ackbar Lightside M 420 510 600 1200 100 10 - 2
Admiral Ackbar was once saved by the Rebels from Imperial slavery.
1padameamidala Padmé Amidala [In Disguise] Lightside M 450 530 940 1650 100 10 - 3
Padmé is always at the center of galactic events. With determination and bravery she faces every challenge that comes before her.
IMG 1411 Leia Organa Lightside M 460 520 1030 1550 100 10 - 3
As a Senator for Alderaan, the Princess travels extensively on diplomatic missions throughout the galaxy.
1sephjatjosall Sephjet Josall Lightside S 290 350 1180 1200 110 20 - 3
Sephjet Josall is one of the Jedi Knights who arrived on Geonosis to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi.
1niknattassu Nicanas Tassu Lightside S 280 360 110 20 - 3
Nicanas Tassu was a Jedi Knight assigned to the Genonosis rescue mission. He, and fellow Jedi Knight Sephjet Josall, carried spare lightsabers for the captured Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.
Pablo-Jill Pablo-Jill Lightside S 580 550 2040 1590 110 20 - 5
Pablo-Jill is a Jedi Knight who fought in the arena battle of Geonosis.
Aayla Aayla Secura Lightside S 620 560 2250 1580 110 20 - 5
A Twi'lek Jedi Knight who uses her impressive lightsaber skills to swiftly overcome her opponents.
Jocasta Jocasta Nu Lightside S 300 400 1100 1480 110 20 - 3
The Director of the Jedi Archives in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.
1barissoffee Barriss Offee Lightside S 540 600 1830 1800 110 20 - 5
Barriss Offee is a Jedi Knight who is thoughtful, daring and selfless.
IMG 1384 Jar Jar Binks Lightside S 220 280 400 550 110 20 - 1
Jar Jar Binks is an amphibious Gungan from Naboo. More than a little Clumsy, Jar Jar is often more of a hindrance than a help.
1daultydofine Daultay Dofine Darkside M 270 260 450 400 100 10 - 1
Daultay Dofine is the commander of the Trade Federation flagship, Saak'ak.
1admiralmotti Admiral Motti Darkside M 260 270 400 450 100 10 - 1
Admiral Conan Antonio Motti is the senior Imperial commander in charge of operation aboard the original Death Star.
1admiralozzel Admiral Ozzel Darkside M 480 400 800 900 100 10 - 2
Admiral Kendal Ozzel commands the Executor and the entire Death squadron, a group of six Imperial Star Destroyers.
1ltenantsheckil Lieutenant Sheckil Darkside M 430 350 800 700 100 10 - 2
Lieutenant Sheckil accompanied Darth Vader on his mission to Cloud City on Bespin, and was an officer in the unit attempting to capture Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker.
1ltenantsuba Lieutenant Suba Darkside M 420 350 100 10 - 2
Lieutenant Suba is the chief of security serving aboard Darth Vader's flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor. Though he disapproves of Vader's obsession with capturing Luke Skywalker alive, he never objects.
Piett Admiral Piett Darkside M 470 410 750 950 100 10 - 2
Firmus Piett is the first officer on Darth Vader's flagship Executor.
1scouttrooper Scout Trooper Darkside S 460 360 1800 1200 110 20 - 4
Scout Troopers are trained for long-term survival missions.
1stormtrooper Stormtrooper Darkside M 720 660 1600 1500 100 10 - 4
A will of iron encased in hardened white armor, these Imperial shock troops neutralized resistance to the New Order and remain totally loyal to the Emperor, even in the face of certain death.
1sandtrooper Sandtrooper Darkside M 900 520 2000 1200 100 10 - 4
Sandtroopers are specialized Imperial stormtroopers trained to adapt to desert environments. They are equipped with armor and equipment for use in hot, dry climates.
1snowtrooper Snowtrooper Darkside M 660 720 1500 1600 100 10 - 4
Imperial Snowtroopers are specialized stormtroopers that for self-sufficient mobile command units in environments of snow and ice.
1oom-9 OOM-9 Darkside M 670 580 1600 1600 100 10 - 4
OOM-9 is the battle droid leader in the invasion of Naboo.
1nutegunray Nute Gunray Darkside M 410 370 1000 1150 100 10 - 3
As the viceroy of the Trade Federation, Nute Gunray is powerful, deceitful, and willing to kill for his financial benefit.
1lottdod Lott Dod Darkside M 270 270 430 430 100 10 - 1
Lott Dod is the cunning and immoral Trade Federation representative to the Galactic Senate.
IMG 1387 Poggle the Lesser Darkside S 360 270 1450 930 110 20 - 3
As Archduke of Geonosis, he rules the Stalgasin hive colony.
1wattambor Wat Tambor Darkside S 250 180 480 330 110 20 - 1
Wat Tambor is the foreman of the Techno Union, a commercial body that makes profit from new technologies.
1greedo Greedo Darkside S 230 170 910 610 110 20 - 2
Greedo is a Rodian bounty hunter who works for Jabba the Hutt.
1watto Watto Neutral M 480 550 660 970 100 10 - 2
Watto is sharp-witted and has a sharp eye for a bargain.
1dexterjettster Dexter Jettster Neutral S 300 340 1230 1150 110 20 - 3
Formerly an informant, the four-armed Besalisk became the owner and cook of a Coruscant diner.
1limpayfay Lampay Fay Neutral S 250 250 750 750 110 20 - 2
Lampay Fay is a Pau'an who served as Prime Minister Tion Medon's aide-de-camp during the occupation of Utapau by Seperatist forces.
1urrorrur'r'r URoRRuR'R'R Neutral M 610 680 1350 1750 100 10 - 4
URoRRuR'R'R is a leader of a Tuskan Raider tribe. He is a skilled hunter and marksman, unafraid of machines.
Evazan Dr. Evazan Neutral S 430 450 1450 1550 110 20 - 4
Dr. Cornelius Evazan is a truly mad doctor who has a death sentence on him in many solar systems. He made the mistake of threatening Luke Skywalker at a Mos Eisley cantina, unaware that Luke's companion was a Jedi Knight.
1dathcha Dathcha Neutral M 600 680 1250 1850 100 10 - 4
A jawa adventurer and trader, Dathcha belongs to the clan that sold C-3PO and R2-D2 to Luke SKywalker's uncle, Owen Lars.
IMG 1379 Nabrun Leids Neutral M 210 280 300 500 100 10 - 1
Nabrun Leids is a Morseerian smuggler, who pilots the Scarlet Vertha, his Ghtroc Industries class 720 freighter. He regularly visits a cantina in Mos Eisley.
Nebit Nebit Neutral M 630 590 1150 1750 100 10 - 4
Nebit is a Jawa chief. His tribe trades droids and once sold C-3PO and R2-D2 to Owen Lars, Luke Skywalker's Uncle.
1boshek BoShek Neutral M 330 370 600 900 100 10 - 2
He is a Force-sensitive human smuggler and starship technician. When Obi-Wan Kenobi came to the Mos Eisley cantina to find transport off Tatooine, BoShek introduced the old Jedi to Chewbacca.
1bomvimdin Bom Vimdin Neutral S 440 340 1650 1050 110 20 - 4
A lone Advozse smuggler, Bom Vimdin has a reputation for working for corrupt officials. He was present at the Mos Eisley cantina when Luke Skywalker first met Han Solo.
Ponda Ponda Baba Neutral M 400 400 850 850 100 10 - 2
This Aqualish thug tried to start a fight with Luke Skywalker at a cantina in the city of Mos Eisley, but he made the mistake of picking on the companion of a Jedi Knight.
IMG 1385 Muftak Neutral S 260 320 1120 1070 110 20 - 3
This Talz pickpocket lives underneath Mos Eisley, and was present at the cantina when Obi-Wan and Luke came looking for transport off-planet.
1ugloste Ugloste Neutral S 170 190 380 380 110 20 - 1
An Ugnaught placed in charge of detrmining how to use arbon freezing on humans. Having toiled away for humans before he came to Cloud City, he had little compunction when it came to freezing Han Solo in carbonite.
Lobot Lobot Neutral M 380 380 650 950 100 10 - 2
Lobot is the Chief Administrative Aide to Lando Calrissian on Cloud City.
IMG 1478 Hermi Odle Neutral M 270 270 430 430 100 10 - 1
A Baragwin, Hermi Odle is a member of Jabba the Hutt's court. He works as a weapons specialist who helps craft the defences of Jabba's palace.
1malakili Malakili Neutral S 280 230 900 600 110 20 - 2
Malakili is the keeper of the rancor monster beneath Jabba's palace.
1anngella Ann Gella Neutral M 260 270 400 450 100 10 - 1
Ann Gella, a Twi'lek, was purchased by the podracer Subulba from Jabba the Hutt. She and her twin sister are now Sebulba's slaves.
1tangella Tann Gella Neutral M 260 280 380 480 100 10 - 1
Tann Gella, a Twi'lek, was purchased by the podracer Subulba from Jabba the Hutt. She and her twin sister are now Sebulba's slaves.
1taunwe Taun We Neutral M 430 430 970 1320 100 10 - 3
Taun We is the Kaminoan project coordinator at Tipoca City who spent years growing the Republic's clone army.
R1-G4 R1-G4 Neutral S 150 180 300 400 110 20 - 1
An older-model astromech, R1-G4 was one of the droids rounded up from a jawa sandcrawler by a squad of stormtroopers searching for R2-D2 and C-3PO.
12-1b 2-1B [Healer] Neutral S 160 200 350 400 110 20 Heal Non-Droid 1
2-1B medical droids have been in use since the time of the republic.
1pitdroid Pit Droid [Mechanic] Neutral S 170 170 370 370 110 20 Heal Droid 1
The DUM series droid is a common model of pit droid, capable of lifting man times its own weight. Eager to enact any and all repairs, pit droids are an integral part of a podracing team.
IMG 1421 General Ceel Neutral S 440 440 1500 1500 110 20 - 4
General Tobler Ceel Was a high-ranking officer in the Gungan Grand Army who fought in the Battle of Naboo.
1lachichuk Lachichuk Neutral S 450 430 1600 1400 110 20 - 4
Lachichuk is a Wookiee warrior who defended the cith of Kachirho on Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars.
Lak Lak Sivrak Neutral S 460 360 1650 1150 110 20 - 4
Lak Sivrak was once a scout and hunter for the Empire. He met and fell in love with Dice Ibegon, a Force-sensitive member of the alliance, and joined the rebel cause. He piloted an X-wing in the Battle of Endor.
Tanus Tanus Spijek Neutral M 400 400 800 900 100 10 - 2
Tanus Spijek is a Rebel spy, hired by the Alliance to carry messages between Alderaan and the Rebel base on Yavin 4.
1diceibegon Dice Ibegon Neutral S 270 240 850 650 110 20 - 2
Dice Ibegon is a Force-sensitive member of the Rebel Alliance who convinced her lover, Lak Sivrak, to join her in the Alliance.
Nass Boss Nass Neutral S 490 410 1800 1300 110 20 - 4
Boss Rugor Nass is the Gungan leader from Naboo. He strove to keep the Gungans uninvolved in the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo until Queen Amidala convinced him otherwise.
1lamasu Lama Su Neutral M 410 440 880 1400 100 10 - 3
Lama Su is the Prime Minister of Kamino, and overseer of the creation of the Republic's clone army.
1arkroose Ark Roose Neutral S 270 270 1170 1020 110 20 - 3
Ark "Bumpy" Roose is a Nuknog Podracer pilot from Sump who competed in the Boonta Eve Classic against Anakin Skywalker. He pilots a massive Vokof-Strood Plug-8G 927 Cluster Array Podracer.
IMG 1392 Gasgano Neutral S 320 260 1140 1040 110 20 - 3
Gasgano is a popular Podracer who competed in the Boonta Eve Classic. A Xexto from the planet Troiken, he has six limbs and 24 fingers that allow him to perform many piloting adjustments simultaneously.
Clegg Clegg Holdfast Neutral S 300 310 1300 980 110 20 - 3
Clegg Holdfast is a Nosaurian Podracer, who also competed in the Boonta Eve Classic. Sebulba used hidden flame jets in his Podracer to cause Clegg to crash.
IMG 1391 Dud Bolt Neutral S 280 280 1250 1000 110 20 - 3
Dud Bolt is a Vulptereen Podracer pilot, who serves as Sebulba's midair bodyguard. He ended up in a Mos Espa medcenter after colliding with Ark "Bumpy" Roose during the Boonta Eve Classic Podrace.
Teemto Teemto Pagalies Neutral S 360 250 1400 880 110 20 - 3
Teemto Pagalies is a Veknoid Podracer who flies a unique Podracer with a large, round cockpit and huge engines. The vehicle fell victim to Tusken snipers during The Boonta Eve Classic.
1benquadinaros Ben Quadinaros Neutral S 250 260 700 800 110 20 - 2
A Toong Podracr pilot who operates an unusual quadra-Podracer at the Boonta Eve Classic. His craft malfunctioned at the beginning of the Podrace, hence Quadinaros never left the starting grid.
1bolesroor Boles Roor Neutral S 260 280 1000 1180 110 20 - 3
A successful Sneevel singer who uses his earnings to support his favorite hobby, Podracing. He has won two Boonta Eve Podraces, piloting a Quadrijet 4Barrel 904E engine Podracer.
IMG 1393 Mars Guo Neutral S 260 280 1080 1100 110 20 - 3
A needle-nosed Podracer pilot, Mars Guo operates a big bruiser during the Boonta Eve Classic. During the second lap, Sebulba sent a piece of scrap into one of Guo's engines, knocking him out of the race.
IMG 1415 Mawhonic Neutral S 270 270 1090 1090 110 20 - 3
Mawhonic is one of Tatooine's best Podracer pilots. During the fateful Boonta Eve Classic, his green GPE-3130 Podracer crashed into a massive rock formation as he tried to avoid Sebulba.
1rattstyerell Ratts Tyerell Neutral S 340 280 1230 1050 110 20 - 3
Ratts Tyerell is considered to be one of the Outer Rim's best Podracer pilots. He flies a Vokoff-Strood Titan 215 Podracer and competed in the Boonta Eve Classic.
1wampa Wampa Neutral S 500 400 1900 1200 110 20 - 4
The vicious Wampa roams the snow-swept ice drifts of Hoth, ambushing unwary tauntauns. One such creature successfully ambushed Luke Skywalker, dragging him back to its lair as a potential meal.
Rancor Rancor Neutral S 510 420 1950 1250 110 20 - 4
This giant, horrifying monster lives underneath Jabba's palace. Jabba and his guests often enjoy watching it kill its prey for sport.
Neva Neva Kee Neutral S 350 260 1320 970 110 20 - 3
Neva Kee is a good Podracer pilot who operates an oddly configured racer that has a cockpit attached directly to the engines. Kee participated in the Boonta Eve Classic, never to return after the second lap.
1032930110 ms Kalyn Farnmir
Kalyn Farnmir was present at the Outlander Club when Obi-Wan Kenobi captured the bounty hunter Zam Wesell. She unsuccessfully tried to pin her crimes on her former partner, Cian Shee.
IMG 1350 Roodown
IMG 1349 Teedo
IMG 1372 First Order stormtrooper
IMG 1453 First Order snowtrooper
IMG 1441 First Order TIE fighter pilot
IMG 1405 Praster Ommlen -
IMG 1406 Ello Asty -
IMG 1331 Security Soldier
IMG 1324 Resistance trooper

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Image Name Side Range Base ATK Base DEF Max ATK Max DEF ACC EVA Skill Cost Desc.
2anakinskywalker Anakin Skywalker Lightside S 320 370 1640 1410 120 30 - 3
From a slave on Tatooine to one of the most powerful Sith Lords ever, Anakin Skywalker's rise to power was as astonishing as it was tragic.
2rabé Rabé Lightside S 370 440 1830 1710 120 30 - 4
Rabé is one of Queen Amidala's royal handimaidens. Known for her great patience, she is often assigned to soothe Amidala's nerves and prepare the Queen's hairstyles.
2c-3po C-3PO Lightside S 420 630 750 2320 120 30 - 3
C-3PO is a protocol droid and unwitting servant to generations of Skywalkers through strange twists of fate. He often relies on his trusty partner R2-D2 to solve problems C-3PO cannot.
2r2-d2 R2-D2 Lightside S 400 590 860 2330 120 30 - 3
No longer an oridnary droid, his long history of adventures has given him a distinct, feisty personality.
2porrodolphe Porro Dolphe Lightside M 560 630 1620 1960 110 20 - 4
Porro Dolphe is a Naboo pilot who flew Bravo Two during the Battle of Naboo. Ten years later, Captain Typho made him the lead pilot of the starfighter escort of the Naboo Royal Cruiser.
2carisosmadis Cariso Smadis Lightside M 570 620 1360 2220 110 20 - 4
Cariso Smadis is a human ensign in the Rebel Alliance Fleet. He was on board the Tantive IV to guard Princess Leia Organa, when Darth Vader and his 501 Legion intercepted the ship.
2delgoren Del Goren Lightside M 430 410 720 1120 110 20 - 2
Del Goren is a Rebel Alliance communications and sensor expert. He was part of the High Command at the Yavin 4 base during the Battle of Yavin.
2captainantilles Capitan Antilles Lightside M 620 560 1370 1530 110 20 - 3
Captain Raymus Antilles is the Alderaanian Captain of the Tantive IV and former master of C-3PO and R2-D2. He piloted ate Alderaanian consular vessel for Leia Organa.
IMG 1422 Trey Callum Lightside M 580 690 1480 2300 110 20 - 4
Trey Callum was formerly an Imperial officer who decided to join the Rebellion. He was in charge of a squad of Rebel Alliance ground troops at Outpost Beta at Echo Base on Hoth.
2siobibble Sio Bibble Lightside M 310 340 360 660 110 20 - 1
As governor of Naboo and head of the Advisory Council he is a complete and total pacifist who consistently resists calls for armament.
2benkenobi Ben Kenobi Lightside S 750 810 2650 2750 120 30 - 6
Obi-Wan Kenobi remained on Tatooine, living as a hermit known as Ben Kenobi, and watched over Luke Skywalker, that last hope for the jedi.
2obi-wankenobi Obi-Wan Kenobi [Padawan] Lightside S 920 800 3620 2430 120 30 - 7
Obi-Wan Kenobi takes Anakin Skywalker for his Padawan learner in fulfillment of Qui-Gon Jinn's dying request.
2quigonjin Qui-Gon Jinn Lightside S 920 830 3610 2510 120 30 - 7
An experienced but headstrong Jedi, he is Obi-Wan Kenobi's instructor and regularly clashes with the Jedi High Council. Because of his brashness, he has not been offered a seat on the council.
2masteryoda Master Yoda Lightside S 910 920 3080 3280 120 30 - 8
Yoda is a powerful, ancient, and revered Jedi Master. Yoda's Padawans included Obi-Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, and Luke Skywalker.
2lukeskywalker Luke Skywalker Lightside S 800 950 3070 3010 120 30 - 7
After finding a hidden message in one of his new droids, Luke was set on a path to discover his potential as a powerful Jedi Knight. Soon after, he joined the Rebel Alliance in their fight against the Empire.
2ashla Ashla Lightside S 180 230 440 460 120 30 - 1
A young Jedi-hopeful, this Togruta is studying to become a Jedi under Master Yoda. Her name Ashla is also an ancient term used to describe the force.
IMG 1382 Luminara Unduli Lightside S 800 770 2700 2700 120 30 - 6
Luminara was born on Mirial and joined the Jedi when she was young.
2runehaako Rune Haako Darkside M 360 280 520 500 110 20 - 1
A mean, greedy Neimoidian, serving as Viceroy Nute Gunray's legal counsel. He and Gunray are behind the invasion of Naboo.
2rutegunnay Rute Gunnay Darkside M 360 280 550 470 110 20 - 1
Rute Gunnay is a Nemoidian who serves as an advisor to Nute Gunray in the Trade Federation. He met his end when Darth Vader slaughtered the Separatist Leaders gethered at a Mustafar mining facility.
2grandmofftarkin Grand Moff Tarkin Darkside M 710 600 1600 2430 110 20 - 4
As Grand Moff, he was integral in the construction of the first Death Star and had hoped to use it as part of his "Rule by Fear" doctrine.
2generaltagge General Tagge Darkside M 540 420 1040 1100 110 20 - 2
General Cassio Tagge is a high-ranking Imperial officer stationed aboard the original Death Star battle station.
2passelargente Passel Argente Darkside S 260 160 550 350 120 30 - 1
Passel Argente is magistrate of the powerful Corporate Alliance. During the Clone Wars, he contributed forces to the Separatist droid army.
2shumai Shu Mai Darkside M 700 540 1111 1168 110 20 - 2
President of the Commerce Guild, whose forces fought the Republic during the Clone Wars. As a member of the Separatist Council, she is obsessed with status and power.
2darthmaul Darth Maul Darkside S 900 740 3400 2300 120 30 - 6
Darth Maul is a being of pure evil and hate, forged into a weapon by Darth Sidious. Once a nightbrother from Dathomir, Maul is a cunning Sith Lord determined to detroy the Jedi Order.
2sebulba Sebulba Darkside S 380 290 1280 840 120 30 - 2
Sebulba uses dirty tricks to become one of the top Podracer pilots in the Outer Rim.
2zuckuss Zuckuss Darkside M 880 780 2020 2360 110 20 - 5
This insectoid bounty hunter often partners with 4-LOM.
2bossk Bossk Darkside M 900 770 1940 2450 110 20 - 5
Bossk is a Trandoshan bounty hunter, employed by Darth Vader to hunt down the Millennium Falcon.
IMG 1395 Garindan Darkside M 450 410 1120 1550 110 20 - 3
This greed informant hails from planet Kubindi and was hired by the Empire to find two missing droids. He quickly picked up the trail of Luke and the others in Mos Eisley.
BobbaFett2StarsSmall Boba Fett Darkside M 1250 1250 2790 3020 110 20 - 7
A legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett has gained notoriety both for his efficency and his ruthlessness.
2bibfortuna Bib Fortuna Neutral S 360 280 1450 1380 120 30 - 3
Bib Fortuna oversees the day-to-day affairs of Jabba the Hutt as the crime lord's majordomo.
2cliegglars Cliegg Lars Neutral M 340 290 570 550 110 20 - 1
Cliegg fell in love with the slave Shmi Skywalker while looking for a farmhand in Mos Espa. Cliegg bought her freedom from Watto in order to marry her.
2ohwundemaal Ohwun De Maal Neutral S 230 180 1050 810 120 30 - 2
Ohwun De Maal is a Duros who owns and operates a number of docking bays with his spouse Chachi De Maal in Mos Eisley. Ohwun, along with Chachi, often uses false names for shady operations.
2chewbacca Chewbacca Neutral M 950 970 2170 2650 110 20 - 5
A Wookiee mechanic, Chewbcca is Han Solo'strusted partner.
2hansolo Han Solo Neutral M 1100 1100 2200 3300 110 20 - 6
Han Solo is many things: a pirate, a smuggler, a mercenary, and captain of the Millennium Falcon, one of the fastest ships in the galaxy.
2nizucbek Nizuc Bek Neutral M 410 380 950 990 110 20 - 2
Nizuc Bek is hired by Jabba the Hutt to guard celebrities visiting Jabba's palace. He was assigned to protect Sy Snootles, the Max Rebo Band's lead vocalist.
2berulars Beru Lars [Young] Neutral M 330 290 540 580 110 20 - 1
Beru Whitesun Lars is a third-generation moisture farmer. At the end of the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi asked her and her husband to raise Luke as their own.
2chachidemaal Chachi De Maal Neutral S 250 170 1150 700 120 30 - 2
Chachi De Maal is a Duros who owns and operates a number of docking bays with her husband, Ohwun, in Mos Wisley. Han Solo made a hasty departure from one of her docking bays just before the Battle of Yavin.
2kardue'sai'malloc Kardue'sai'Malloc Neutral S 470 410 2090 1510 120 30 - 4
Kardue'sai'Malloc used to be a cruel army captain in his home world Devaron. He lives under the alias Labria in Mos Eisley on Tatooine, where he tries to pass as a major informant. He is, in truth, a terrible spy.
2horoxryyder Horox Ryyder Neutral M 390 390 770 1170 110 20 - 2
A Galactic Republic Senator with a career spanning 50 years. Well known for his patience and insight, his quiet and soothing demeanor has earned him many allies.
2tionmedon Tion Medon Neutral S 460 450 1830 1870 120 30 - 4
Tion Medon is in charge of all port administration in Pau City. Separatist forces killed his committee members and now use his word against his will.
IMG 1397 Djas Puhr Neutral S 460 430 1970 1630 120 30 - 4
A male Sakiyan bounty hunter, he was present at the Mos Eisley cantina where Luke Skywalker and Han Solo first meet.
2neesh Neesh Neutral M 470 400 1230 1450 110 20 - 3
Neesh is a Rodian bounty hunter. When assigned to assassinate a bumbling bounty hunter named Greedo, he hired Spruch "Warhog" Goa to carry out the deed. Goa then encouraged Greedo to try and capture Han Solo on his own.
2j'quille J'Quille Neutral M 480 420 1330 1440 110 20 - 3
Born on the frozen planet of Toola, he works as a bounty hunter for Jabba the Hutt. In truth, he is a spy for one of Jabba's rivals and had planned to kill the Hutt before Skywalker and company accomplished that detail for him.
2boushh Boushh Neutral M 590 550 2090 2260 110 20 - 5
Ostensibly an Ubese tracker, Boushh is in fact Princess Leia in disguise.
2fodeandbeed Fode and Beed Neutral S 340 280 1480 1270 120 30 - 3
A two-headed Troig who serves Jabba the Hutt as a Podracing announcer. Fode has red skin and short horns and speaks Basic, while Beed has greenish skin and speaks Huttese.
IMG 1481 Agen Kolar Lightside S 830 750 3150 2350 120 30 - 6
Agen Kolar is a master Jedi swordsmith who fights against the Separatist army on Geonosis.
4-LOM 2 stars 4-LOM Darkside M 870 760 2110 2180 110 20 - 5
4-LOM rewrote its programming and became a bounty hunter.
IMG 1327 San Hill Darkside M 430 420 780 1160 110 20 - 2
Chairman of the Inter Galactic Banking Clan which helps fund Count Dooku's Separatist movement. Despite their involvement with the Separatists, San and the Muuns attempted to appear neutral in the Clone Wars.
Aurra Sing 2S Small Aurra Sing Darkside M 950 800 1910 2690 110 20 - 5
Aurra Sing is an infamous bounty hunter. She is ruthless warrior, and a crack shot with either her paired blaster pistols or a long-barreled sniping rifle.
IG-88B 2S Small IG-88B Darkside M 670 490 2730 1720 110 20 - 5
An assassin droid with devastating firepower, it volunteered to hunt down Han Solo for Darth Vader.
Po Nudo 2S Small Po Nudo Darkside M 500 410 1060 980 110 20 - 2
Po Nudo is a Senator from Ando. He is killed by Darth Vader along with the other Separatist leaders on Mustafar.
Denaria Kee 2S Small Denaria Kee Darkside S 250 160 530 370 120 30 - 1
Denaria Kee is a high-ranking member of the Cooperate Alliance. She serves as Chief Aide to Magistrate Passel Argente.
Myo 2S Small Myo Neutral S 580 510 2130 2030 120 30 - 5
A expert in survival techniques, Myo is a tough Abyssin with regenerative abilities. He was present at Mos Eisley cantina when Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi first meet Han Solo.
IMG 1442 Gragra Neutral S 480 390 2210 1390 120 30 - 4
Gragra sells gorgs, small amphibians often enjoyed as snacks, in the Mos Espa marketplace. She catches Jar Jar Binks when Jar Jar tries to snatch a gorg from her stand without paying.
Shmi Skywalker 2S Small Shmi Skywalker Neutral M 330 300 510 610 110 20 - 1
Shmi Skywalker has lived a hard life as a slave ever since her family was captured by pirates. She is owned by the junk dealer Watto on Tatooine. Her son, Hal, is also a slave.
IMG 1330 Rep Teers Neutral S 330 270 1380 1280 120 30 - 3
Rep Teers is a female Gungan who serves on the Rep Council, the governmental body that rules the underwater city of Otoh Gunda. She was appointed to her position by Boss Nass, and is in charge of the city's power supply.
1062820220 ms Darth Vader Darkside S 980 800 3720 2500 120 30 - 7
He is Emperor Palpatine's Sith apprentice and a fierce military leader. He is feared throughout the galaxy for his mastery of the dark side of the Forece.
1031930120 ms Owen Lars [Young] Neutral S 450 440 1850 1750 120 30 - 4
Owen agrees to hide and protect the infant Luke Skywalker from his father, Darth Vader. In so doing, Owen gains a son, but also adds to his worries.
1010810220 ms Adi Gallia Lightside S 740 800 2700 2600 120 30 - 6
Jedi Master Adi Gallia is a Jedi High Council member and general during the Clone Wars.
Sabé 2S Sabé Lightside S 360 450 1730 1820 120 30 - 4
Sabé is the most important handmaiden in Queen Amidala's entourage. She is the royal decoy in times of danger, dressing as the Queen and disguising her features with white makeup.
Cordé 2S Cordé Lightside M 800 1080 1910 2310 110 20 Nabooan EVA Up [Sml] 5
Dedicated handmaiden of friend to Senator Amidala, Cordé was tasked to pose as the young Senator on her trip to Coruscant to protect the Military Creation Act. Her disguise worked too well, as she was targeted and dispatched by the assassin contracted too kill Amidala.
Dormé 2S Dormé Lightside M 700 1150 1750 2570 110 20 Nabooan DEF Up [Sml] 5
Dormé remained a loyal aide to Senator Amidala even after her term as Queen of Naboo ended. When Amidalaleft Coruscant, Dormé acted as a decoy to throw off assassination attempts.
Jobal Naberrie 2S Jobal Naberrie Neutral S 630 810 120 30 Nabooan ACC Up [Sml] 4
Jobal Naberrie, a native of Naboo, and mother to Queen Amidala -grandmother to Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia was renown for her hospitality to her guests and zeal for helping the disadvantaged.
Ruwee Naberrie 2S Ruwee Naberrie Neutral S 790 630 1770 1520 120 30 Nabooan ATK Up [Sml] 4
Son of a cloth weaver, Ruwee Naberrie would father Qui-Gon Jinn, Queen of Naboo, who would give birth to Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa; leaders of the Rebellion.
Owen Lars 2S Owen Lars Neutral S 820 830 2050 2090 120 30 Tatooinian DEF Up [Sml] 5
Half-brother to Anakin Skywalker, Owen followed his father, Cliegg Lars, into the unremarkable life of a Tatooine moisture farmer. This unassuming station made him the perfect hidden guardian for the infant Luke Skywalker.
Beru-lars-2s Beru Lars Neutral S 340 430 120 30 Tatooinian EVA Up [Sml] 2
Alongside her husband, Owen, Beru raised the young Luke Skywalker on a moisture farm on Tatooine. Despite never revealing the identity of his father, Beru could not help but observe aspects of Hal's personality in Luke.
2StarMasAmedda Mas Amedda Darkside S 670 1080 1540 2040 110 20 3-Unit Dark Side All Stats Up [Sml] 10
A political chameleon, Mas Amedda does not seek the office of highest power. Instead he seeks merely to have its ear and confidence.
2StarBailOrgana Bail Organa Lightside S 480 1200 1200 2150 110 20 3-Unit Light Side All Stats Up [Sml] 10
A rare statesman in a Senate filled with connivers, Bail seeks a Republic dedicated to the welfare and prosperity of all its citizens; rather then just the political ruling class.
2StarLeiaOrganaSniper Leia Organa Lightside L 1810 840 120 10 - 9
Once an idealist and humanitarian, Leia's fight against the Empire has hardened her to be a commanding and disciplined leader.
2StarZamWesell Zam Wesell Darkside L 2040 680 4180 1490 120 10 - 9
A shapershifter as well as a crack shot, Zam Wesell has all the tools she needs to be an apex bounty hunter except experience.
Rum Sleg Rum Sleg Neutral M ? ? ? ? ? ? - 2
Rum Sleg is a humanoid bounty hunter whose true face is covered by his painted-skull visor.
IMG 1446 Rey
IMG 1477 Captain Phasma
IMG 1450 Maz Kanata -
1078430120 ms Dengar -

✮✮✮ Cards

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Image Name Side Range Base ATK Base DEF Max ATK Max DEF ACC EVA Skill Cost Desc.
3admiralackbar Admiral Ackbar Lightside M 1610 1530 2530 4250 130 40 Dark ATK Down [Sml] 7
Admiral Ackbar was born on the ocean planet of Mon Cala. A veteran of the Clone Wars, Ackbar joined the Rebel Alliance in the fight to free his people from enslavement by the Empire.
3padmeamidala Padmé Amidala [In Disguise] Lightside M 1770 1820 2720 4440 130 40 Light DEF Up [Sml] 8
Padmé is always at the center of galactic events. With determination and bravery she faced the invasion of Naboo, a death sentence on Geonosis and attempts on her life as a Senator.
3leiaorgana Leia Organa [Death Star] Lightside M 1780 2540 2980 4800 130 40 - 8
As a Senator for Alderaan, the Princess travels extensively on diplomatic mission throughout the galaxy. She uses diplomacy for cover as she works to secure supplies, weapons and connection for the Rebel Alliance.
This card was part of the 'Battle of the Deathstar' event.
3obi-wankenobi Obi-Wan Kenobi [General] Lightside S 2340 2080 5640 3960 140 50 - 11

This card is a reward from sharing your Player Code.
2013-10-11 11.47.23 Obi-Wan Kenobi [Jedi Knight] Lightside S 1750 2520 4390 4500 140 50 - 10
3barissoffee Barriss Offee Lightside S 1800 1840 4420 4180 140 50 - 10
This Jedi Knight is thoughtful, daring, and selfless. She pairs with her teacher, Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, to make a dangerous combo.
S3 - Anakin Skywalker Anakin Skywalker [Padawan] Lightside S 2160 1530 5420 3420 140 50 - 10
Anakin Skywalker's rise to power was astonishing. He went from being a slave on Tatooine to one of the most powerful Jedi ever.
2013-10-11 16.52.30 Luke Skywalker [Death Star] Lightside M 2560 2300 4280 4350 130 40 - 10
After learning from R2-D2 that Princess Leia was being held captive in the Death Star, Luke became determioned to rescue her. By disguising himself as a stromtrooper he was able to sneak into the Death Star and enter docking bay control room.
S3 - Aayla Secura Aayla Secura Lightside S 1990 1650 5260 3440 140 50 - 10
A Twi'lek Jedi Knight who uses her impressive lightsaber skills to swiftly overcome her opponents. This Jedi general commands a squad of clone troops n many campaigns during te Clone Wars.
S3 - Captain Typhosm Captain Typho Lightside M 1920 2010 3560 4180 130 40 - 9
Gregar Typho succeeded his uncle, Captain Panaka, as Captain of Padmé Amidala's security detail. It was his grim duty to hire Cordé, the Senator§s ill-fated body double.
S3 - Captain Panaka Captain Panaka Lightside M 3090 1520 5260 2920 130 40 - 10
Queen Amidala's head of security on Naboo, he leads every branch of the Royal Naboo Security Forces. A rare military man in a traditionally peaceful culture, he argued for stronger security after witnessing the invasion of Naboo.
S3 - Han Solo Han Solo [Death Star] Lightside M 3160 1640 5270 3100 130 40 - 9
Disguised as a stormtrooper, Han Solo snuck into the docking bay control room within the Death Star. He argued against rescuing Leia, but changed his mind when he learned that he may be handsomely rewarded for saving the princess.
S3 - Master Yoda Master Yoda [Jedi Council] Lightside S 2430 2460 4870 4920 140 50 - 12
Yoda is a powerful, ancient, and revered Jedi Master. Yoda's Padawans included Obi-Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, and Luke Skywalker.
S3 - Nicanas Tassu Nicanas Tassu Lightside S 1410 1500 3600 3800 140 50 - 8
Nicanas Tassu is a Jedi Knight, who joined the rescue mission to save Senator Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker from Geonosian execution. He and his fellow Jedi Knight, Sephjet Josall, carries spare weapons for the captured Jedi.
S3 - Perosei Perosei Lightside M 1360 1880 2400 4160 130 40 - 8
A member of the Naboo Palace Guard who could disassemble and re-assemble a Naboo blaster in less than 60 seconds. During the Trade Federation occupation of his world, he was a prisoner at Camp Four.
S3 - Sephjet Josall Sephjet Josall Lightside S 1410 1500 3740 3660 140 50 - 8
Sephjet Josall is one of the Jedi Knights who arrived on Geonosis to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi. He and his partner, Nicanas Tassu, provided backup lightsabers to Obi-Wan and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, at the height of the battle.
S3 - Jocasta Nu Jocasta Nu Lightside S 1250 1650 3060 4340 140 50 - 8
The Director of the Jedi Archives in the Jedi Temple. Running the Archives as a tool rather than a service, she expects the Jedi to do their own research.
3pablojill Pablo-Jill Lightside S 1870 1430 4790 3110 140 50 - 10
Pablo-Jill is a Jedi Knight who fought in the arena battle of Geonosis. He was encouraged by the Jedi Council to take a Padawan, but he never did.
S3 - Leia Organa Leia Organa Lightside M 1730 1890 2860 4400 130 40 Light ATK Up [Sml] 8
As a Senator for Alderaan, the Princess travels extensively on diplomatic missions throughout the galaxy. She uses diplomacy for cover as she works to secure supplies, weapons, and connections for the Rebel Alliance.
3quigon Qui-Gon Jinn Lightside S 2060 2320 3690 5290 140 50 - 10
3admiralozzel Admiral Ozzel Darkside M 1450 1600 2480 4000 130 40 Long ATK Up [Sml] 7
Admiral Kendal Ozzel commands the Executor and the entire Death Squadron, six Star Destroyers assembled shortly before the Battle of Hoth. His personal opinions always differed from those of Darth Vader.
3anakinskywalkersith Anakin Skywalker [Sith] Darkside S 2990 1740 5990 3480 140 50 - 11
At the moment he felt betrayed by Obi-Wan and Padmé, The love Anakin once had for his friends mutated into hate, and led him to the Dark Side.
S3 - Boba Fett Boba Fett Darkside M 3240 1720 5400 3250 130 40 - 10
A legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett has gained notoriety both fot his efficiency and his ruthlessness.
3scouttrooperandbike Scout Trooper & 74-Z Speeder Bike Darkside S 1740 1310 4720 3080 140 50 - 9
Trained for long-term missions, Scout Troopers wear armor only on their upper bodies to allow for better movement. In addition, they have macrobinocular viewplates in their helmets to improve targeting. The 74-Z speeder bike is used by Scout Trooopers as rapid tranportation in a variety of terrains and combat situations. This craft reaches a top speed of 500 kph.
3sandtrooper Sandtrooper Darkside M 1940 1940 4200 3560 130 40 - 9
Stromtroopers who were trained in desert tactics and wore temperature-controlled body "gloves" underneath their protactive armor to help them keep cool while working in blistering heat.
3snotrooper Snowtrooper Darkside M 1790 2000 3560 4080 130 40 - 9
A specialized stormtrooper trained and equipped to operate in subfreezing conditions. The entire suit was powered by a heavy-duty power cell located on the snotrooper's backpack. Snowtroopers could survive for up to two weeks in even the harshest frozen environments on this power supply alone.
3stormtrooper Stormtrooper Darkside M 2000 1890 4080 3760 130 40 - 9
Stormtroopers are the most effective troops in the Imperial military and the most feared opponents of the Rebel Alliance. They cannot be bribed or blackmailed, live in a totally disciplined environment, and are militaristic to the core.
S3 - Daultay Dofine Daultay Dofine Darkside M 1280 1260 2200 3042 130 40 Long DEF Up [Sml] 6
Daultay Dofine was the commander of the Trade Federation flagship, Saak'ak when it was destroyed by Anakin Skywalker.
IMG 1354 Rune Haako
S3 - Poggle the Lesser Poggle the Lesser Darkside S 1460 1190 4120 2680 140 50 Light ATK Down [Sml] 8
As the Archduke of Geonosis, he rules the Stalgasin hive colony. He produces large number of droids for the Separatists at his factories on Geonosis.
3oom-9 OOM-9 Darkside M 2070 2010 3860 4180 130 40 - 9
OOM-9 is the battle droid leader in the invasion of Naboo. He was able to capture the capital on Theed and force underwater Gungans to evacuate their city of Otoh Gunga.
3droideka Droideka Darkside M 1100 3220 2210 5870 130 40 - 9
The Droidekas are battle droids that were created by the Colocoids of planet Colla IV. Heavily armored, they are used as backup troops when fighting resolute enemy forces.
3lottdod Lott Dod Darkside M 1320 1240 2100 3500 130 40 Dark ATK Up [Sml] 6
Lott Dod is the cunning and immoral representative of the Trade Federation in the Galactic Senate. When Queen Amidala challenged the Trade Federation's invasion of Naboo, he denied her allegations.
3greedo Greedo Darkside S 1350 1250 3540 3060 140 50 - 8
Greedo is a Rodian bounty hunter who works for Jabba the Hutt. He is known for his aggressive style, directly confronting his targets in disreputable places such as the Mos Eisley cantina.
3ig-88b IG-88B Darkside M 2430 1940 4060 3670 130 40 - 9
An assassin droid with devastation firepower, it volunteered to hunt down Han Solo for Darth Vader.

This card was part of the 'Battle of the Deathstar' event.

3generalgrievous General Grievous Darkside S 2620 1700 5780 3770 140 50 - 11
The leader of the Droid army during the Clone Wars, he is actually a cyborg. This twisted mix of organic body parts and mechanical armor has a bad temper and is easily angered.

This card is a reward from sharing your Player Code.

S3 - Nute Gunray Darkside M 1720 1670 3240 3520 130 40 Light DEF Down [Sml] 8
As the viceroy of the Trade Federation, Nute Gunray is powerful, deceitful, and willing to kill for his financial benefit. He became Darth Sidious's pawn when he agreed to invade the peaceful Naboo.
S3 - Dooku Dooku Darkside S 1780 2450 3570 5700 140 50 - 11
Given the name Darth Tyranus, he has served as Darth Sidious's right hand for over 10 years. Reclaiming his title of Count, he became leader of The Separatists and schemes to destroy the Republic.
S3 - Darth Vader Darth Vader Darkside S 3260 1790 5940 3580 140 50 - 11
Armored in black from head to toe, he leads the Imperial Military as the right hand of the Emperor. Strong with Dark Side and an expert with a light saber, he is an intimidating figure.
S3 - Wat Tambor] Wat Tambor Darkside S 1200 1130 3060 3160 140 50 Dark DEF Up [Sml] 7
Wat Tambor is the foreman of the Techno Union, a commercial body that makes profit from new technologies. He also works as an executive at Baktoid Armor Workshop, an arms manufacturer.
S3 - Magnaguardsm MagnaGuard Darkside S 1700 1880 4260 4180 140 50 - 10
MagnaGuards were used as bodyguards to General Grievous during the Clone Wars. They use electrostaffs, which are surrounded by a field of lightsaber-resistant energy, in close combat.
S3 - Stormtroopersm Stormtrooper [Death Star] Darkside M 1800 2280 3000 4320 130 40 - 8
These Stormtroopers were aboard the Death Star when Luke Skywalker and company attempted to rescue Princess Leia. The operation was confused for a drill at first but, once they were organized, the stormtroopers hounded the rebels relentlessly. This card was part of the 'Battle of the Deathstar' event.
S3 - Admiral Piettsm Admiral Piett Darkside M 1470 1570 2460 4120 130 40 Long ATK Down [Sml] 7
Firmus Piett is the first officer on Darth Vader's flagship Executor. Piett was promoted to replace Ozzel when the Admiral botched the assault on the Rebel base on Hoth.
3jangofett Jango Fett Darkside M 2730 2180 4720 3900 130 40 - 10
With a reputation as one of the most feared bounty hunters in all the galaxy, Jango Fett is not to be trifled with. He earned his armor from the legendary Mandalorian warriors.
3b2superbattledroid B2 Super Battle Droid Darkside M 2880 1510 4810 3020 130 40 - 9
Super Battle Droids are upgraded versions of the B1 Battle Droids built by Geonosis Industries. They lack the ability to create strategic battle plans, but are fierce fighters.
This card was part of the 'Battle of Geonosis' event.
3clonetrooper Clone Trooper Neutral M 2110 2110 3850 3850 130 40 - 9
The Clone Troopers were made using the genetic information of Jango Fett. Their Phase 1 armor is based on the Mandalorian design.
This card was part of the 'Battle of Geonosis' event.
S3 - Dathcha Dathcha Neutral M 1740 1980 2830 4610 130 40 - 9
Datcha is a Jawa adventuer and trader, famous for taunting a krayt dragon and living to tell the tale. He belongs to the clan that sold C-3PO and R2-D2 to Luke Skywalker' uncle, Owen Lars.
3watto Watto Neutral M 1440 1280 2250 3450 130 40 Long DEF Down [Sml] 6
Watto is sharp-witted and has a sharp eye for a bargain. He favors using free slave labor so he can pocket all profits to gamble at podraces.
3urorrur'r'r URoRRuR'R'R Neutral M 1820 2020 3150 4490 130 40 - 9
Leader of a Tusken Raider tribe, he is a skilled hunter and marksman, unafraid of machines. He raids moisture farms for water and roams the Jundland Wastes in search of unwary travelers.
3lobot Lobot Neutral M 1650 1580 2710 3970 130 40 - 7
As the Chief Administrative Aide to Lando Calrissian on Cloud City, he stays continually plugged into the city's computer via the cybernetic implant on his head.
3taunwe Taun We Neutral M 1510 1700 2610 4020 130 40 Short ATK Up [Sml] 8
Taun We is the Kaminoan project coordinator at Tipoca City who spent years growing the Republic's clone army. She also acts as Prime Minister Lama Su's chief advisor.
3jabba Jabba the Hutt Neutral S 2440 2310 4080 4370 140 50 Neutral DEF Down [Sml] 11
Jabba Desilijic Tiure, known simply as Jabba the Hutt, was one of the galaxy's top criminal bosses. Using his cleverness and wealth, Jabba built a palace on Tatooine and took control of the city of Mos Espa.
3bossnass Boss Nass Neutral S 1450 1430 3780 3680 140 50 Middle DEF Down [Sml] 9
As the Gungan leader, he tried to keep his people uninvolved in the troubles of Naboo. He changed his mind when Queen Amidala knelt before him to plead for his help in ousting the Trade Federation.
S3 - Dexter Jettstersm Dexter Jettster Neutral S 1160 1110 3050 2870 140 50 - 6
The four-armed owner and cook of a Coruscant diner, Dexter has many connections. Obi-Wan Kenobi sought him out for information on a toxic saberdart used to kill Zam Wesell.
S3 - Nebit Nebit Neutral M 1730 1930 2630 4710 130 40 - 9
Nebit is a Jawa chief. His tribe trades droids and once sold C-3PO and R2-D2 to Owen Lars, Luke Skywalker's Uncle. The Imperial stormtroopers targeted his sandcrawler while searching for the missing droids, murdering most of his tribe.
S3 - Wampasm Wampa Neutral S 1480 1180 4190 2810 140 50 - 7
The vicious Wampa roams the snow-swept ice drifts of Hoth, ambushing unwary tauntauns. Luke Skywalker faced a wampa inside its icy lair, barely escaping the beast by cutting off one of its arms.
S3 - Rancorsm Rancor Neutral S 1510 1180 4410 2690 140 50 - 7
This giant monster lives underneath Jabba's palace. The rancor is more than five meters (16ft) tall, with thick skin and enormous strength. Jabba and his guests often enjoy watching it kill its prey for sport.
S3 - Lachichuksm Lachichuk Neutral S 1540 1370 4010 3390 140 50 - 9
Lachichuk is a Wookie warrior who defended the city of Kachirho on Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars. He fought under the command of Captain Merumeru.
3lamasu Lama Su Neutral M 1550 1740 2850 3910 130 40 Short DEF Up [Sml] 8
Prime Minister of Kamino, and overseer of the creation of the Republic's clone army. Unconcerned about thow the clone army is used, he cares only for his people's financial standings.
S3 - General Ceel General Ceel Neutral S 1380 1300 3450 3350 140 50 Middle ATK Down [Sml] 8
General Tobler Ceel is a high-ranking officer in the Gungan Army who fights in the Battle of Naboo. He unwillingly accepted Jar Jar into his officer's council, under orders from Boss Nass.
3jarjar Jar Jar Binks Lightside S 1080 1120 2800 3100 140 50 Middle ATK Up [Sml] 6
Jar Jar Binks is an amphibious Gungan from Naboo. He was saved by the Jedi Qui-Gon Amidala and became a general in the Gungan Grand Army. More than a little clumsy, Jar Jar is ofen more of a hindrance than a help.
S3.Nexu Nexu Neutral S 3970 950 7100 1710 140 120 - 16
Nexu are dangerous feline creatures home to the planet of Cholganna. They are able to see in infrared, which helps them to catch their prey and crush them between powerful jaws lined with razon sharp teeth.
This card was part of the 'Battle of Geonosis' event.
Reek3StarsSmall Reek Neutral S 2230 4020 3610 6390 140 50 - 16
Reeks are large animals inhabiting the Codian Moon. They use their tough skin and large horn in territorial contests with other Reeks. They are herbivores, but have been known to consume carcases when extremely hungry.
This card was part of the 'Battle of Geonosis' event.
Acklay3StarsSmall Acklay Neutral S 3990 2190 6140 3360 140 50 - 16
Acklays are dangerous, carnivorous creautures of Vendaxa. Their deadly claws are used both to walk and cut their enemies to shreds.
This card was part of the 'Battle of Geonosis' event.
Battle droid C-3PO 3Stars Small B1 Battle Droid: C-3PO Darkside M 2010 2130 4680 3880 130 40 Middle ACC Down [Sml] 8
Due to an unforeseen accident, a Battle Droid's head was attached to C-3PO's body. The protocol droid's design made movement awkward, making for an ineffective and ultimately easily dispatched combatant.
This card was part of the 'Battle of Geonosis' event.
C-3PO Battle droid 3Stars Small C-3PO: Battle Droid Neutral M 1390 1290 2690 2880 130 40 Short ACC Down [Sml] 8
Due to an unforeseen accident, a Battle Droid's head was attached to C-3PO's body. Occasionally, the Battle Droid's programming would superscede C-3PO's, causing him to fire on Jedi and alternate between apologies and battle cries.
This card was part of the 'Battle of Geonosis' event.
Shaak Ti 3S Small Shaak Ti Lightside S 2210 2910 4020 4850 140 50 - 11
Shaak Ti, a Togrutan, was a Jedi Councilor and decorated General during the Clone Wars and one of the few Jedi to survive the initial purge. She went into hiding on Felucia and took an apprentice, but was eventually killed by an Imperial agent.
IMG 1289 Zam Wesell Darkside M 3120 1980 5200 3600 130 40 - 11
Zam Wessel is a changeling Bounty Hunter. She was hired by Jango Fett to assassinate Senator Amidala, but was captured when her attempt failed. Before she could reveal any details about the plot against the Senator, however, she was killed by a Kaminoan Saberdart.
2013-11-11 16.59.23 Padmé Amidala Lightside S 2670 2910 3820 4170 140 50 Female ATK Up [Sml] 11
Padmé Amidala is the former Queen of Naboo and member of the Galactic Senate. She fell in love with Jedi Anakin Skywalker and secretly married him.
B1 Battle Droid3S B1 Battle Droid Darkside M 2300 1400 4610 2800 130 40 - 8
The B1 Battle Droid comprised the bulk of the Separatist's Army infantry corps. Known as 'clankers' the Ba was not programmed with a particularly robust A.I.; designed to overwhelm the enemy with superior (and eminently replaceable) numbers.
Commander Ponds fix 3S Clone Commander Ponds Neutral M 2500 2540 4170 3920 130 40 Medium ACC Up [Sml] 11
The Clone Troopers were made using the genetic information of Jango Fett. Their Phase 1 armor is based on a Mandalorian design.
Coleman Trebor 3S Coleman Trebor Lightside S 2300 2200 4440 4270 140 50 - 11
Coleman Trebor is a Jedi Master and Councilor. He accompanied his fellow Jedi on the rescue mission to Geonosis, but was killed in battle.
C-3PO Without coverings 3S C-3PO [Without Coverings] Neutral S 1370 3400 2120 4870 140 50

Droid DEF Down [Sml]

Constructed from spare parts, C-3PO has many quirks for a protocol droid, but has remained a loyal servant to the Skywalker family.
Ahsoka Tano 3S Ahsoka Tano Lightside S 2560 670 5130 1350 140 120 - 12
Ahsoka is a Togruta Jedi Padawan assigned to train under Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker. Ahsoka fought in the Clone Wars and was fiercely loyal to her Master until a false accusation made her a fugitive. Her innocence was eventually proven, but her faith had been shaken and she left the Jedi Order.
Asajj Ventress 3S Asajj Ventress Darkside S 2490 2140 4990 4290 140 50 - 12
Asajj Ventress is a Dark Jedi who served as acolyte to Count Dooku during the Clone Wars. Raised as a Nightsister on Dathomir, Asajj was trained as a Jedi, but she fell to the dark side when her Master was killed.
Luke Skywalker -On a Tauntaun) 3S Luke Skywalker [On a Tauntaun] Lightside S 2800 3110 4830 5190 140 50 - 13
Due to the extreme cold of Hoth, most vehicles were grounded. Luke and the other Rebels of Echo Base were forced to make their patrols on Tauntauns, native creatures that had evolved to cope with Hoth's extreme climate. During one of these patrols Luke and his Tauntaun were attacked by another native creature, the Wampa.
IMG 1353 AT-AT pilot Darkside M 2630 1830 4790 3400 130 40 Long ACC Up [Sml] 11
AT-AT pilots are chosen from top combat veterans in the Imperial Army and undergo intesive training before qualifying to helm the massive vehicles. Despite the thick armor protecting their cockpits, pilots wear pressure suits in the unlikely event a rupture exposes the crew to hostile atmospheres.
Viper Probe Droid 3S Viper Probe Droid Darkside M 1360 1750 3030 3910 130 40 Dark EVA Up [Sml] 9
The Imperial Probe Droid (or 'Probot') specializes in deep-space exploration and reconnaissance. While equipped with a small blaster cannon for defensive measures, the probot will self-destruct if its mission is compromised; leaving nothing for the enemy to recover.
Leia Award Ceremony Leia Organa [Award Ceremony] Lightside S 1840 3430 3130 5290 140 50 Rebel DEF Up [Sml] 12
As one of the leaders of the Rebellion, Princess Leia had the honor of presenting the Medal of Bravery to Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca for their role in destroying the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin.
Anakin Skywalker 3S Anakin Skywalker [Jedi Initiate] Lightside S 2299 2500 4410 4560 140 60 - 10
Anakin Skywalker would have lived and died an anremarkable slave in a Tatooine junk shop were it not for a chance encounter with Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Sensing the Force was strong in the boy, Jinn would dedicate what time he had left to seeing Anakin trained as a Jedi, despite heavy opposition from the Jedi Council.
B1 Battle Droid -STAP Pilot- 3S B1 Battle Droid [STAP Pilot] Darkside M 2300 1400 4710 4210 130 40 - 11
A Battle Droid equipped with a Single Trooper Aerial Platform (STAP) repulserlift vehicle provides fire support and scouting missions for the Droid Army. The STAP makes up in speed and agility when it lacks in armor.
Fambaa 3S Fambaa Neutral S 1320 3450 2290 6170 150 50 Medium DEF Up [Sml] 15
The Fambaa is a large creature native to Naboo. Domesticated for heavy transport, Fambaas are used in battle to carry cannons as well as shield generators to protect troops from blaster fire.
Shaak 3S Shaak Neutral S 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 80
Shaaks are large, docile herbivores indigenous to Naboo. Their meat is considered a delicacy galaxy-wide.
General Madine 3S General Madine Lightside M 2460 2260 4570 4120 130 40 Rebel ATK Up [Sml] 12
General Madine is a former Imperial Officer who defected to the Rebel Alliance. His expertise was instrumental in the success of the Battle of Endor.
Colonel Dyer 3S Colonel Dyer Darkside M 2520 1930 4510 3660 130 40 - 11
Colonel Dyer is the Imperial officer in command of the shield generator on Endor that protected the unfinished 2nd Death Star.
Chief Chirpa 3S Chief Chirpa Neutral M 1560 2330 3010 4400 130 60 Ewok DEF Up [Med] 11
Chief Chirpa is the head of his tribe of Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor. Eager to appease C-3PO, he instructed his tribe to lay an ambush for the Imperial garrison defending the shield generator.
Logray 3S Logray Neutral M 1520 2210 2990 4100 130 60 Ewok EVA Up [Med] 10
Logray is the shaman for his tribe of Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor. Though he had once been a warrior of his tribe, he bacame a shaman after learning the ways of magic... also known as the Force.
Teebo fix 3S Teebo Neutral S 2250 1520 4180 2930 140 70 Ewok ACC Up [Med] 10
Teebo is a Ewok from the forest moon of Endor. He was among the Ewoks who captured Han Solo and the Rebel commander and brought the prisoners to their village.
Darth Maul 3S Darth Maul Darkside S 2750 2630 5010 4540 140 50 Self ATK Up [Sml] 12
Darth Maul is the fiercely loyal apprentice to Darth Sidious. Fueled by his hate of the Jedi Order, Maul employed his unique double-bladed Lightsaber to dispatch Jedi Master Qui-Gonn Jinni.
2-1B Healer 3S 2-1B [Healer] Neutral S 800 1700 1470 3410 140 50 Heal Non-Droid 20
A highly specialized medical droid programmed to perform a wide variety of medical procedured from diagnosis to surgery.
Pit Droid Mechanic 3S Pit Droid [Mechanic] Neutral S 670 1900 1350 3660 140 50 Heal Droid 19
A small inexpensive - though often unpredictable - repair droid specifically designed to service Pod Racers.
Mace Windu 3S Mace Windu Lightside S 2830 2640 5150 4800 150 50 - 12
Master Windu is a member of the Jedi High Council respected for his wisdom and skill with a Lightsaber. At the beginning of the Clone Wars, he led the assault on Geonosis to rescue Senator Amidala, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Darth Sidious 3S Darth Sidious Darkside S 5070 4920 140 60 - 12
Darth Sidious is a Sith Lord and the evil mastermind behind the Clone Wars. Sidious is said to have mastery over death, a skill he learned from his Master, Darth Plagueis, before betraying him.
Clone Trooper Phase 2 Armor 3S Clone Trooper: Phase 2 armor Neutral M 2310 2310 4200 4200 130 40 - 10
This lighter and stronger Clone Trooper armor was introduced after the start of the Clone War to replace the old Phase 1 armor. This new armor was more popular with the troops due to its comfort, customization and capabilities.
Aayla Secura Jedi General 3S Aayla Secura [Jedi General] Lightside S 2210 2570 4420 4590 140 60 Self EVA Up [Sml] 12
Aayla Secura began the Clone Wars as a Jedi Knight, but quickly proved herself extremely skilled and was promoted to Jedi Master early in the war. She was one of the Jedi to fight in the first battle on Kamino as well as the assault on Felucia near the end of the war.
LM-432 Crab Droid 3S LM-432 Crab Droid Darkside M 1920 2810 3850 5420 130 40 Self DEF Up [Sml] 14
The LM-432 Crad Droid is designed as a quick-response harassing unit, able to clamber over even the most difficult of terrain with the aid of its six legs. Twin blasters and pincers make Crab Droids a constant headache for unwary units negotiating rocky slopes.
Leia Organa Princess in Captivity 3S Leia Organa [Princess in Captivity] Lightside S 1240 4120 2080 6760 140 60 Female DEF Up [Sml] 11
After securing the stolen Death Star plans with R2-D2, Leia was captured when the Tantive IV was boarded by the Empire. Confined to a cell block aboard the Death Star, she was questioned and threatened. She never gave the Empire the information they sought, even when her home world of Alderaan was threatened.
Mon Mothma 3S Mon Mothma Lightside M 1920 3050 3500 5560 130 40 Empire ATK Down [Sml] 13
The Commander-in-Chief of the Rebel Alliance, Mon Mothma began plotting against the Emperor nearly the moment he rose to power. Once a Chandrilan Senator, she serves as the moral center and political figurehead for the entire rebellion.
General Veers 3S General Veers Darkside M 2570 2080 5140 3730 130 40 Rebel DEF Down [Sml] 12
General Veers is a formidable Ground Commander responsible for the successful attack and occupation of numerous Rebel worlds during the war. He was assigned to the first Death Star, but was not on board when it was destroyed, a break that would help accelerate his career due to the massive number of officers lost in the attack. His command of the assault on fortified Rebel positions on Hoth resulted in the quick occupation of the Rebel base.
Bultar Swan 3S Bultar Swan Lightside S 2120 2530 4340 4600 140 50 - 12
Bultar Swan is a human Jedi Knight and veteran of the Clone Wars known for her ability to defeat her opponents without resorting to killing. Her knowledge of martial arts led to a new form of combat combining physical attacks and lightsaber defense.
Sly Moore 3S Sly Moore Darkside M 2080 1880 4000 3770 130 40 Light ACC Down [Sml] 11
Sly Moore is a Force Adept from the planet Umbara serving as aide to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Moore was not only aware of Palpatine's dual role as Chancellor and Sith Master, she helped enact his grand plans to become Emperor.
Bail Organa 3S Bail Organa Lightside S 1360 2920 2720 4430 130 40 3-Unit Light Side All Stats Up [Sml] 13
Bail Organa is a Galactic Senator from the planet Alderaan and a close ally to Senator Amidala. After the outbreak of the Clone War, Bail led several relief and diplomatic missions in support of the Republic. After Order 66, Organa helped Master Yoda and Obi-Wan to hide Leia from the Sith.
Mas Amedda 3S Mas Amedda Darkside S 1590 2620 2960 4170 130 40 3-Unit Dark Side All Stats Up [Sml] 13
Mas Amedda is the often silent Vice Chancellor of the Senate. He helped fulfill many of Palpatine's grand schemes including the vote of No Confidence that began Palpatine's rise to Emperor. Before Palpatine revealed himself as Darth Sidious, the Jedi suspected Amedda may have been the Sith Lord they were looking for.
Nien Nunb 3S Nien Nunb Lightside M 2340 2910 3900 5200 130 60 - 12
Nien Nunb is a Sullastan smuggler and ally to Lando Callrissian. He served as co-pilot aboard the Millennium Falcon during the Battle of Endor and was instrumental in the destruction of the second Death Star.
AT-ST Pilot 3S AT-ST Pilot Darkside M 3750 1750 5010 3130 140 40 - 11
AT-ST pilots are members of the Galactic Empire trained to for scouting duty on planets with difficult terrain and high threat levels. The armored AT-ST, allowed these pilots to perform hit and run operations deep into enemy territory.
Malakili 3S Malakili Neutral S 1530 1950 2900 3900 130 40 3-Unit Beast All Stats Up [Sml] 14
A professional creature trainer, Malakili's skills were enough to win him employment as the Rancor master in Jabba's palace. Despite the fearsome nature of the beast, Malakili developed a deep and emotional bond with his Rancor.
Ric Olie 3S Ric Olié Lightside M 2470 2350 4350 4200 130 40 Long ACC Up [Sml] 12
A member of Naboo's tiny Space Fighter Corps, Ric Olie was rated to pilot both an N1 Starfighter and the Queen's Royal Starship. During the occupation of Naboo, he breached the Trade Federation blockade and later led a squadron against the droid control ships.
IMG 1352 OOM Pilot Battle Droid Darkside M 2480 2310 4520 4140 130 40 - 12
Programmed to understand the unique atmospheric and gravitational stresses on a vessel, as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of ship systems, OOM pilot droids could expertly fly any craft in the Federation fleet without the need for reprogramming between duties. They were easily identified by the blue color scheme on their chassis.
Clone Trooper Galactic Marine 3S Clone Trooper: Galactic Marine Neutral M 2520 2240 4590 4090 140 50 - 11
To be assigned to the 21st Nova Corps is to be a Clone Trooper of exceptional discipline and conditioning. The Galactic Marines are trained to handle the most inhospitable environments, from fungal clouds to pure vacuum.
Security-battle-droid Security Battle Droid Darkside M 2480 1400 4780 2800 140 40 Self ATK Up [Sml] 10
Identified by their red color patterns, Security Droids are different from standard Battle Droids in that they have been installed with specialized software designed to recognize patterns in environments consistent with infiltrators. Their purpose is to investigate and resolve, with lethal force if necessary, any sign of compromised security.
Ki-adi-mundi-3s Ki-Adi-Mundi Lightside S 1440 4090 2220 6820 140 60 Blaster Reflextion [Sml] 12
Councilor and General, Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi led from the front during the Clone Wars. As the commanding officer of the Nova Corps, his Jedi training in patience and understanding is often at odds with Commander Bacara's extremely strict and militant stances. However, after countless battles, Mundi has earned the respect of his subordinates, even if it is given grudgingly.
3StarFX-6 FX-6 [Healer] Darkside S 620 1610 1170 3230 140 50 Self HEA/REP Up [Sml] 22
An auxiliary to the T1-B, the FX-6 was a medical assistant droid that was as efficient as it was frightening. Designed for stabilizing the most critical of patients, the FX-6 will quickly and brutally transfuse blood, and excise doomed limbs.
G8-r3 G8-R3 [Mechanic] Lightside S 660 1560 1200 3120 140 50 Self HEA/REP Up [Sml] 21
Used for emergency EVA repairs, G8-R3 is one of a diverse assortment of droids deployed by the Royal Naboo Security Forces. Its magnetic treads allow G8-R3, to easily traverse the Royal Naboo Cruiser's hull while it is in flight, and patch any exposed systems.
Orrurruurr Orr'UrRuuR'R Neutral L 2600 1220 5200 5190 140 30 - 15
Orr'urrur'r belongs to a tribe of Tusken Raiders roaming the Jundland Wastes. With terrain and denizens so inhospitable, life can be dull for a nomad of Tatooine, however, Orr'urrur'r takes great pleasure it taking pot-shots at the Podracers who occasionally risk the Jundland's winding passes.
R2-q5 R2-Q5 Darkside S 1440 1960 2770 4090 140 50 Adjacent Dark ACC Up [Med] 12
R2-Q5 is one of many droid attendants to Emperor Palpatine. While mainly used for astrogation and data storage, Q5 was single-handedly responsible for thwarting IG-88's software infiltration aboard Death Star II.
R4-g9 R4-G9 Lightside S 1320 2020 2590 4130 140 50 Adjacent Light ACC Up [Med] 12
Originally assigned to General Aayla Secura, 'Greenine' more often found himself assisting General Obi-Wan Kenobithrough sheer happenstance. G9 was Kenobi's droid co-pilot during his mission to Utapau to destroy General Grievous.
Boba Fett Childhood 3S Boba Fett [Childhood] Darkside S 1610 2290 3100 4790 140 50 3-Unit Bounty Hunter DEF UP [Sml] 12
While being a product of a long line of Jango Fett clones, Boba was unique in that he was born completely unaltered, and was the only clone who truly considered Jango his 'father'. Rather than become another soldier for the Republic, Boba Fett is eager to follow in his father's footsteps as a Bounty Hunter.
Depa Billaba 3S Depa Billaba Lightside S 2240 1960 4400 4000 140 70 Self ATK Up [Sml] 11
While she had studied to become a Consular, preferring to solve conflicts with words rather than violence, Depa Billaba is a rare master of the extremely difficult Vaapad form of lightsaber combat.
C3po 3s C-3PO Lightside S 1420 3020 2030 6170 140 50 Light EVA Up [Sml] 11
A protocol droid primarily used as an interpreter and attendant, C-3PO has nonetheless seen his share of battle. While he much prefers to stay out of conflict, it seems that circumstances always conspire to thrust him in the middle of a fight.
Clone shock trooper Clone Shock Trooper Darkside M 2420 2560 4400 4660 140 40 - 12
While most troopers were trained for war, the Clone Shock Troopers were designed to keep the peace by any means necessary. They were often seen as body guards for critical Republic figures, but also played a role in urban policing and riot suppression.
Wam lubfa Wam Lufba Neutral L 2760 1040 5430 2000 130 30 Self ACC Up [Sml] 14
Nicknamed 'Blam', Wam Lufba was shanghaied into the service of Jabba the Hutt as a vermin exterminator. His perceived innocuousness often allows Wam to overhear the machinations of the criminal lowlifes populating Jabba's palace without arousing suspicion.
Luminara3s Luminara Unduli Lightside S 2830 2700 4360 4500 140 50 Droid EVA Down [Sml] 12
One of only a few Jedi to fight on Geonosis twice, Luminara Unduli was resolute in her dedication to ensure she would not have to battle over the world a third time. With a strategic philosophy as fluid as the circumstances around her, she leads a small team of Clones to capture a major Separatist figurehead: Poggle the Lesser.
BuzzD3s Buzz Droid Darkside S 1170 500 2260 1030 130 120 Long ACC Down [Sml] 10
A far more insidious weapon than a missile or laser blast, Buzz Droids were a 'smart weapon' designed to actively scour enemy vessel in an attempt to disable their systems. Once attached, a pilot had a very few options but to watch in horror as his own ship was torn apart around him.
CT41stElite Clone Trooper: 41st Elite Corps Neutral M 2470 2310 4500 4210 145 50 - 11
Thrust onto bitterly hostile worlds away from the front lines, to be assigned to the 41st Elite Corps is far from glamorous.Yet, their primary mission is less to engage the enemy as it is to embed themselves and train natives to defend their own home. When the 41st strikes, an entire angry world strikes with them.
OppoRancisis Oppo Rancisis Lightside M 2220 3160 3420 5270 130 40 Stun 11
Born of royal heritage, Oppo Rancisis could have been the monarch of the world of Thisspias, but chose to walk the path of the Jedi instead. One of the oldest members of the Council, Rancisis is a font of wisdom and careful contemplation. He knows a threat to the Order when he sees it, and has seen a threat in the form of a boy named Skywalker.
3sStormSB Stormtrooper [Stun Blaster] Darkside M 1830 2350 3530 4700 130 40 Stun 10
Whenever rumors of infiltration reach a trooper's ear, he knows what he has to do. Methodical and relentless, Stormtroopers will search every deck down to the last bulkhead to ferret out any Rebel stowaways and see to it that they are either brought in for interrogation or put to a sudden and violent end.
3spauan Pau'an Warrior Lightside S 1240 3550 1920 5920 140 50 Self DEF Up [Sml] 11
Lacking the resources to outfit themselves with the latest in military equipment, the Pau’an military equips its warriors with ancient ceremonial arms and armor. Despite their outdated axes and shields, each Pau'an warrior is well trained with his equipment and will use it to lethal effect if allowed to close the distance with his enemy.
3stridroid Octuptarra Combat Tri-Droid Darkside M 2860 1410 5510 2830 120 40 Self ACC Up [Sml] 15
Primarily an anti-personnel platform, the Octuptarra Combat Tri-Droid features three blaster turrets mounted on a highly-mobile chassis. This allows it to engage multiple enemies in several directions at once. Certain variants store an airborne virus in their bulbous ’heads'; wreaking havoc on the enemy long after the unit is destroyed.
FC212CT3s Clone Trooper: 212th Attack Battalion Neutral M 2570 2410 4680 4390 130 50 - 12
There was only one unit to trust with the mission when the order came to capture General Grievous. The 212th’s airborne and stealth companies allow it to strike all at once and from every direction from seemingly nowhere. There is no unit in the Republic better suited to ensure that the slippery Kaleesh does not escape justice once again.
3sdak Dak Ralter Lightside M 2760 2790 4690 4500 130 40 - 12
Born in an Imperial Labor camp, Ralter's parents kept the spark of liberty alive in their son with tales of days before the Empire. When a rebel pilot was shot down near his camp; Ralter knew his only hope to see the galaxy was to stage a daring rescue and join the Rebellion. With his newfound freedom, there's no threat the Empire can throw at him that will make Dak accept chains ever again.
3sneeda Captain Needa Darkside M 1860 2700 3590 4910 130 40 Galactic Empire EVA Up [Sml] 13
Lorth Needa believes that an naval officer's true worth comes from unwavering personal integrity. This philosophy made him commanding officer of a Carrack Class cruiser when he was only a Lieutenant Commander,and has carried him to command the Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger.
3srebelCom Rebel Commando Lightside M 2190 3130 3380 5220 130 40 Medium EVA Up [Sml] 13
Anyone can join the Rebellion, but it takes a special kind of person to be trusted with its most dangerous missions. With many an ex-Imperial filling their ranks, a Commando's complete commitment to a free galaxy is affirmed every time he raises a weapon against his former comrades.
3sDSGunner Death Star Gunner Darkside M 2320 1720 4470 3440 190 30 - 14
Appearing quite bizarre on first glance, the Imperial Gunner’s distinctive helmet houses a suite of computing equipment designed to synch with other gunners to accurately fire upon distant and fast moving targets. While individual accuracy is valued, their advanced communication system allows gunners to excel at multi-gun tactics.
3sZephee Zephee Neutral S 760 2050 1390 3730 130 40 3-Unit Ewok All Stats Up [Med] 14
Her second daughter was born under the skies of a strange metal moon. As her infant grows, so to does the ominous sphere take shape. Now giants in white armor stalk the forest floor and Zephee wonders what terrible omens betide the completion of the terrible moon and what it will mean for her tribe and children.
3StarBattleDroidAssassin Battle Droid Assassin Darkside L 3150 1270 6070 2320 140 30 - 16
An advanced member of the B-series battle droids, the Battle Droid Assassin is a fatal addition to the arsenal of the Separatists movement. Although costly to produce, its state-of-the-art targeting capabilities make it a dangerous adversary.
3StarCalAlder Cal Alder Lightside M 1120 2430 2810 4860 130 40 Rebel Alliance EVA Up [Sml] 10
Lieutenant Alder is an expert scout and often finds himself among the first to be acquainted with the alien environs of frontier worlds. Because of the Alliance's severely limited resources, Alder's job is to look for ways to adept a new world's native ecology to the Rebel's needs.
3StarClonePilot Clone Pilot Neutral M 4790 3520 130 40 - 11
3StarCloneTrooper91st Clone Trooper: 91st Reconnaissance Corps Neutral M 2600 2330 4740 4240 130 60 - 12
The Clone Troopers of the 91st Reconnaissance Corps count themselves among the elite forces created from the DNA of notorious bounty hunter, Jango Fett. Led by the Clone Commander Neyo, they served and fought for the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, and later for the Galactic Empire.
3StarDRK-I DRK-I Dark Eye Probe Droid Darkside M 2850 4210 130 60 Dark ACC Up [Sml] 10
3star-Security-Soldier Security Soldier M 11
The foot soldiers of the Guavian Death Gang were fiercely loyal and highly aggressive due to a secret blend of chemical injected into their body. Almost fully cybernetic, each soldier effectively had a second heart to augment their speed and carried top grade black market weaponry into combat.
3StarStassAllie Stass Allie Lightside S 610 1980 1030 3600 140 60 Self HEA/REP Up [Sml] 21
Seated on the Jedi High Council due to her invaluable role as a Jedi Consular, Master Stass Allie is gifted not only in diplomacy and Lightsaber combat, but also Force healing. As a member of the Circle of Jedi Healers and overseer of the Medical Corps, she continues to hone her healing abilities even while deployed as a general for the Galactic Republic in the Clone Wars.
3StarTenNumb Ten Numb Lightside M 5100 4220 130 60 - 14
A Sullustan Starfighter pilot for the Rebel Alliance, Ten Numb, otherwise known as Blue 5, flew a B-wing Starfighter in the Battle of Endor. Facing extraordinary odds against a fleet of Star Destroyers, Numb and his allies were able to hold the Empire off long enough for the Death Star to be destroyed.
3StarRA-7 RA-7 Darkside S 2910 5070 140 50 Galactic Empire ACC Up [Sml] 12
Known as Insect Droids due to their appearance, RA-7s were manufactured to be Protocol Droids. These loyal droids were commonly used by Imperial Officers as servants and translators.
3star-gherant Gherant
Gherant was a highly motivated officer in the Galactic Empire's navy. He was rewarded for his ambition when he was promoted to his final station, the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer Exexutor.
3star-barrow Barrow Oicunn
Loyal above all else, Barrow Oicunn was committed to the cause of the Republic, but viewed it as weak. He was a hero of the Battle of Corsucant as a Lieutenant and his devotion was noticed by Senator Palpatine. As the Clone Wars ended and the Galactic Empire came into being, Barrow was one of the first officers to serve on the Venator-class Star Destroyers tasked with protecting the secret project known as the Death Star.
FC-Assault-battle-droid Assault Battle Droid Darkside
The droid army continued to evolve to respond to threats from the Republic and it's clone military. An Assault Battle Droid was a simple software upgrade that turned a normal battle droid into a deadly threat to drop ships and ground vehicles.
FC-Aqua-Droid Aqua Droid Darkside
Specially modified Battle Droids, the Aqua Droid had retractable laser cannons and specialized locomotion designed for underwater incursions. Often used for surprise strikes like the attack on Kamino, these droids could also be used to assault or patrol areas with underwater inhabitants like on Naboo.

✮✮✮✮ Cards

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Image Name Side Range Base ATK Base DEF Max ATK Max DEF ACC EVA Skill Cost Desc.
Admiral Statura 4 Admiral Statura
4agenkolar Agen Kolar Lightside S 4070 3930 6250 5680 150 60 - 13
Agen Kolar is a master Jedi swordsmith who fights against the Separatist army on Geonosis. Well thought of by Mace Windu, he assisted in the attempt to arrest Palpatine.
4adiallia Adi Gallia Lightside S 3970 3960 6040 5790 150 60 - 13
Jedi Master Adi Gallia was born into a high-ranking diplomatic family. She is a Jedi High Council member and General during the Clone Wars.
4aurrasing Aurra Sing Darkside M 3190 5060 4040 7330 140 50 - 12
Aurra Sing is an infamous bounty hunter. She is a ruthless warrior, and a crack shot with either her paired blaster pistols or long-barreled sniping rifle.
4bobafett Boba Fett Darkside M 4540 4890 5840 6500 140 50 - 14
A legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett has gained notoriety both for his efficiency and his ruthlessness. Fett follows his own code and has been known to take on the galaxy's highest-profile missions.
Anikin Skywalker -Childhood- 4 Anakin Skywalker Lightside S 3460 3570 5220 5320 150 60 - 10
Anakin Skywalker's rise to power was astonishing. From a slave on Tatooine to one of the most power Jedi ever, sadly Skywalker was unable to control his emotions and fell to the dark side of the Force.
4benkenobi Ben Kenobi Lightside S 3950 4130 5880 6180 150 60 - 13
Kenobi followed a different path from that of the Padawan, Anakin Skywalker. After the rise of the Empire, he remained near young Luke Skywalker on Tatooine to watch over the last hope for the Jedi.
4benkenobideathstar Ben Kenobi [Death Star] Lightside S 3340 3520 5580 6660 150 60 - 13

Knowing that he had grown too old to defeat Vader, Obi-Wan still challenges his former Padawan to a lightsaber duel. After a fierce battle, he allows Darth Vader to strike him down in order to become one with the Force and assist Luke from beyond the grave.

This card was part of the 'Battle of the Deathstar' event.

4bibfortuna Bib Fortuna Neutral S 3000 2910 4810 4560 150 60 - 10
Bib Fortuna oversees the day-to-day affairs of Jabba the Hutt. Before working for Jabba, he became rich by trading his own people, the Twi'leks, into slavery.
4c3po C-3PO Lightside S 2170 4430 2270 6840 150 60 All ATK Down [Sml] 10
Though programmed to assist in matters of etiquette and translation, he is thrown into countless adventures and is usually overwhelmed by his circumstances. He often relies on his trusty partner R2-D2 to get himout of trouble.
4r2d2 R2-D2 Lightside S 2740 3660 3740 5690 150 60 All DEF Down [Sml] 10
No longer an ordinary astromech droid, his long history of adventures has given him a distinct, feisty personality. Though he speaks only in eletronic beeps and whistles, his companions have little trouble understanding him.
Rey 4 Rey Lightside
Rose-tico-4-star-short-light Rose Tico Lightside
Finn 4. Finn Lightside
Poe Dameron 4 Poe Dameron Lightside
4luminaraunduli Luminara Unduli Lightside S 3940 3920 5930 5800 150 60 - 13
Luminara was born on Mirial and joined the Jedi when she was young. She battled Count Dooku's forces on Genosis and survived to be a Jedi General in the Clone Wars.
4grandmofftarkin Grand Moff Tarkin Darkside M 2260 4430 2920 6790 140 50 All DEF Up [Sml] 10
When the Clone Wars ended, Wilhuff Tarkin was appointed as one of Palpatine's regional governors. As Grand Moff, he was integral in the construction of the first Death Star and had hoped to use it as part of his "Rule by Fear" doctrine.
4chewbacca Chewbacca Neutral M 4160 4170 5360 5850 140 50 Neutral ATK Up [Sml] 12
As a Wookiee warrior, he served under Wookiee leader Tarfful during the Clone Wars. Later, he was rescued by his future partner, Han Solo, after being sold into slavery.
4zuckuss Zuckuss Darkside M 3490 3930 4640 5530 140 50 - 11
This insectoid bounty hunter often partners with 4-LOM. He uses apparently supernatural tracking abilities from his home planet of Gand to track down bounties.
44lom 4-LOM Darkside M 3560 3850 4830 5330 140 50 - 11
This droid was built to look like its insect masters, but ultimately rewrote its programming and now works as a bounty hunter. It often teams up with Zuckuss.
4boushh Boushh Neutral M 3310 3620 5010 5520 140 50 - 11
Princess Leia adopts the identity of an Ubese tracker to infiltrate Jabba's palace. Jabba, however, is not fooled by her disguise.
4bossk Bossk Darkside M 3130 4330 4070 6190 140 50 - 11
This reptilian bounty hunter once tracked runaway Wookiee slaves, but was later employed by Darth Vader to hunt down the Millennium Falcon.
4clonecommandercodylight Clone Commander Cody Lightside M 2970 4540 4040 6750 140 50 Middle DEF Up [Sml] 12
Clone Commander Cody, or CC-2224, is often assigned to work with General Obi-Wan Kenobi. Cody seemed to have a friendly relationship with General Kenobi, but had no qualms with betraying the Jedi when Order 66 was given.
4clonecommandercodydark Clone Commander Cody Darkside M 3080 4340 4240 6550 140 50 Short DEF Down [Sml] 12
Clone Commander Cody, or CC-2224, is often assigned to work with General Obi-Wan Kenobi. Cody seemed to have a friendly relationship with General Kenobi, but had no qualms with betraying the Jedi when Order 66 was given.
4sebulba Sebulba Darkside S 3230 3110 4840 4740 150 60 - 9
Sebulba uses dirty tricks to become one of the top Podracers in the Outer Rim. He races against Anakin Skywalker, but could not defeat the resourceful young boy during the Boonta Eve classic.
4darthvaderdeathstar Darth Vader [Death Star] Darkside S 4150 3010 6920 5680 150 60 - 13
He is Emperor Palpatine's Sith apprentice and a fierce military leader. Heis feared throughout the galaxy for his mastery of the dark side of the Force.

This card was part of the 'Battle of the Death Star' event.

4hansolo Han Solo Neutral M 3480 5250 4260 7470 140 50 - 12
Han Solo is many things: a pirate, a smuggle, a mercenary, and captain of the Millenium Falcon, one of the fastest ships in the galaxy. He joed the Rebel Alliance with his trusty first mate, Chewbacca.
4ig88b IG-88B Darkside M 4130 2770 6470 4060 140 50 - 11
IG-88B is one of four identical droids that killed their constructors moments after they were activated. An assassin droid with devastating firepower, it volunteered to hunt down Han Solo for Darth Vader.
4obiwankenobipadawan Obi-Wan Kenobi [Padawan] Lightside S 4610 3840 6940 5480 150 60 - 14
Obi-Wan Kenobiand his Master Qui-Gon Jinn had a strong bond. Although they had many disagreements in their time togeher, Obi-Wan obeyed his master and took Anakin Skywalker as his Padawan at Jinn's dying request.
4macewindu Mace Windu Lightside S 4330 4370 6670 6250 150 60 - 15
Mace is calm and collected, but also a man of action and excellent with his lightsaber. A leader at the Jedi High Council and a leader on the battlefield, he is the embodiment of the Jedi ideals.
This card was part of the 'Battle of Geonosis' event.
4jangofett Jango Fett Darkside M 4660 3870 7520 5170 140 50 - 15
Raised by the Mandalorians, Jango would become a legendary bounty hunter and was also the genetic model for the Clone Troopers. He alwas keeps his wits about him, even when being interrogated by a Jedi Knight.
This card was part of the 'Battle of Geonosis' event.
Ki-adi-mundi 3S Small Ki-Adi-Mundi Lightside S 4080 3740 6810 5350 150 60 Light ATK Up [Sml] 15
Ki-Adi-Mundi holds a seat on the Jedi Council and was commissioned as a General during the Clone Wars. He made it his habit to fight on the front lines, and was struck down by his own troops while leading a charge on Mygeeto.
Senate guard 4S Small Senate Guard Neutral M 3120 4660 4800 6660 140 50 Neutral DEF Up [Sml] 14
Tasked with guarding the Senators of the Republic and the Supreme Chancellor himself, the Senate Guard were the most visible symbol of the Republic's democratic order apart from the Jedi. While often seen in unwieldy ceremonial attire, each member is a highly trained martial artist and marksman.
MagnaGuard 4S Small MagnaGuard Darkside S 3080 5070 4400 7150 150 60 Short DEF Up [Sml] 14
With superhuman agility and extremely durable armor, the IG-100 MagnaGuard was a far cry from the typical battledroid of the Clone War era. Often serving as body guards for Separatist command staff, the MagnaGuards' superior engineering made them ideal for engaging Jedi.
Lando Calrissian 4S Lando Calrissian Lightside M 3740 3620 6140 5580 140 50 Medium ATK Up [Sml] 15
Lando Calrissian is a former smuggler, gambler and Captain of Millennium Falcon until he lost it to Han Solo in a game of Sabbac. Lando eventually joined the Rebel Alliance and commanded the Rebels' fighter wing during the assault on the second Death Star.
4star-Echo Echo
Decorated for bravery, CT-1409 was known for his "by the book attitude" and tendency to repeat his orders, earning him the nickname "Echo". One of the most dedicated and loyal Clone Troopers, Echo proved himself to his clone brothers time and time again in combat. His future seems bright, likely to achieve the elite status of ARC or "Advanced Recon Commando"
Umbaran Soldier Umbaran Soldier
Elite-praetorian-guard-4-star-short-dark Elite Praetorian Guard Darkside S
IMG 1342 Emperor's Royal Guard Darkside S 3190 4450 5070 6750 150 60 Dark DEF Up [Sml] 15
The crimson-cloaked Royal Guards are the elite bodyguards of Emperor Palpatine. Each guard is hand-picked from for their loyalty and put through a brutal training regime where they must often kill their fellow candidates to demonstrate their complete dedication to Empire.
Wicket W Warrick 4S Wicket W Warrick Neutral S 3010 2300 6020 4610 150 60 Ewok ATK Up [Med] 13
Wicket is a scout for a tribe of Ewoks living on the forest moon of Endor. He was instrumental in helping Princess Leia escape from an Imperial Scout Trooper patrol prior to the Battle of Endor.
Kit Fisto 4S Kit Fisto Lightside S 3750 4100 5360 6840 150 60 Short EVA Up [Sml] 15
A Jedi Master seated on the Council, Kit Fisto was commissioned as a General during the Clone Wars. The Nautolan Jedi accompanied Mace Windu when he, and a number of other Jedi, attempted to capture Darth Sidious.
Droideka 4S Droideka Darkside M 1960 5400 3280 8320 140 50 Droid DEF Up [Sml] 14
The Driodeka (or 'Destroyer') are powerful combat droids. When given a target, they curl into a wheel and roll toward it at great speed. Once in range, they unfurl and engage; protected by a personal shield generator.
General Rieekan 4S General Rieekan Lightside M 2560 4750 4200 7310 140 50 Light DEF Up [Sml] 14
A native of Alderaan and veteran of the Clone Wars, General Rieekan was the commanding officer of Echo Base on Hoth. He reluctantly ordered the evacuation of the facility when Imperial forces overwhelmed its defenses.
General Veers 4S General Veers Darkside M 4640 2440 7370 4150 140 50 Long ATK Up [Sml] 14
From the cockpit of his mighty AT-AT Walker, General Veers commanded the ground assault of Echo Base during the Battle of Hoth. His Blizzard Force made short work of the Rebel's shield generator and the rest of their defenses as well.
Boss Nass 4S Boss Nass Lightside S 3600 3190 4910 6010 150 60 Gungan ATK Up [Med] 15
Boss Nass is the leader of the aquatic Gungan race on Naboo. His decision to allow the Gungan Grand Army to fight against the Droid Army was instrumental in saving the planet from the Trade Federation.
Nute Gunray 4S Nute Gunray Darkside M 2940 3980 4200 6530 140 50 Droid ATK Up [Sml] 14
Nute Gunray served as Victory of the Trade Federation and was responsible for the blockade and unsuccessful invasion of Naboo. Following the death of General Grievous, Gunray became the leader of the Separatist forces against the Republic.
Leia Organa 4S Leia Organa [Endor Celebration] Lightside M 3900 4110 6000 6240 140 50 - 14
Leia joined the Rebel Commandos that captured the Imperial shield generator on Endor. Just before Luke left to confront the Emperor, she learned that she and Luke were twins.
Moff Jerjerrod 4S Moff Jerjerrod Darkside M 3340 3900 5070 6500 140 50 Empire DEF Up [Sml] 15
Moff Jerjerrod is the commanding officer of the 2nd Death Star. During the Battle of Endor, he directed the Death Star's superlaser; destroying many Rebel Capital ships.
Plo Koon 4S Plo Koon Lightside S 4100


6310 5910 150 60 Blaster Reflection [Sml] 15
Plo Koon is a member of the Jedi Council and is a General during the Clone Wars. As a Kel Dor, he must wear an antios breathing mask to help him breathe on oxygen-rich worlds.
Zam Wesell 4S Zam Wesell Darkside M 4260 3000 6460 4690 140 50 Self ATK Up [Sml] 13
Zam Wesell is a shape-changing Bounty hunter trained by the Mabari warrior-knights on her homeworld of Zolan. An associate of Jango Fett, she was hired to assassinate Senator Padmé on Coruscant.
Leia Organa Slave Leia4S Leia Organa [Slave Leia] Lightside S 4760 3310 6800 4880 150 90 Male DEF Down [Sml] 14
Leia was captured by Jabba the Hutt following a failed attempt to rescue Han Solo. Held prisoner in Jabba's throne room as a trophy, Leia eventually turned the tide when she used the chain that bound her to strangle the vile Hutt.
Jabba the Hutt4S Jabba the Hutt Darkside S 3420 4420 5270 6420 150 60 Bounty Hunter ACC Up [Sml] 15
Jabba is a powerful crime lord from the Hutt crime syndicate. Ruling from a palace on Tatooine, his reputation for ruthlessness is well known, and feared, across the galaxy.
R2 d2 mechanic 4s R2-D2 [Mechanic] Lightside S 1090 2590 1560 4330 150 50 Heal Droid 30
R2-D2 is one of the most remarkable astrosech droids in the galaxy. While he began as a simple repair droid aboard the Naboo Royal Cruiser, he has been present at the side of legendry heroes for most of the pivotal battles in the Clone Wars and the Galactic War.
Barriss offee healer 4s Barriss Offee [Healer] Lightside S 1050 3060 1510 4500 150 50 Heal Non-Droid 30
Barriss Offee is a Jedi known for her affinity for healing with the Force. Born in deep space, she trained with Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and served as a General in the Clone Wars.
Clone Commander Bly Light 4S Clone Commander Bly Lightside M 4590 3090 6560 4550 140 50 Light ACC Up [Sml] 13
CC-5052 serves as an Advanced Recon Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic. He took part in many missions with Jedi General Aayla Secura, including a rescue operation of Jedi Barriss Offee on Felucia.
IMG 1341 Clone Commander Bly Darkside M 4730 2600 6770 4340 150 50 Light EVA Down [Sml] 13
CC-5052 is an Advanced Recon Commando serving with the 327th Star Corps. An exemplary trooper programmed with secret orders, he did not hesitate to carry out Order 66 by eliminating Jedi Master Aayla Secura on Felucia.
Jan Dodonna 4S Jan Dodonna Lightside M 3670 4440 5100 6000 140 50 All ATK Up [Sml] 14
Jan Dodonna is one of the earliest Generals to serve the Rebellion. During the Clone Wars Dodonna served as Commander of a fleet of Star Destroyers and served the Empire in its early years. As the Rebellion rose against the new Empire, Mon Mothma eventually convinced him to join her cause against the Emperor. He was instrumental in planning the assault on the Death Star over Yavin.
Shadow trooper 4S Shadow Trooper Darkside M 5510 3080 7350 4280 140 70 - 13
Shadow Troopers are highly trained, elite Soldiers serving the Empire. Based off of their Clone Shadow Trooper predecessors, these elite troops wear experimental stealth armor which is entirely black in color. This armor, coupled with portable cloaking tech makes them highly suited for missions where cunning, rather than brute force is required.
Tarfful 4S Tarfful Lightside M 5040 3290 7210 4700 140 50 Droid DEF Down [Sml] 16
Tarfful is Chieftan of the Wookiee city of Kachirho on Kashyyyk. a strong ally of the Jedi and Master Yoda, Tarfful fought alongside the Jedi during the defense of Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars. After Order 66 was issued, Tarfful helped Yoda escape from the Clone Army's assassination attempts.
General Grievous 4S General Grievous Darkside S 4130 2880 6260 4500 150 100 Droid EVA Up [Sml] 15
General Grievous is a cyborg General leading the Separatist Droid armies in the Clone Wars. After a near-death experience, he was given a cyborg body and was trained by the Sith Lord, Count Dooku. Under Dooku's training, Grievous became a deadly Jedi hunter, collecting the lightsaber of each Jedi he defeats.
Master Yoda 4S Master Yoda Lightside S 4360 4700 6240 6720 150 60 Jedi DEF up [Sml] 17
Yoda is a Master Jedi renowned for his mastery of the Force as well as his wisdom. he served on the Jedi High Council in the last years of the Galactic Republic. During the Clone Wars Yoda commanded Clone Troopers in battle until Order 66 was issued.
Dooku 4S Dooku Darkside S 4410 4610 6300 6590 150 60 Sith ATK Up [Sml] 16
Count Dooku is the leader of the Separatist army and secretly an Apprentice to Darth Sidious. a former Jedi Master, Dooku's fall to the Dark Side happened after he had left the Jedi Order. his skill with a lightsaber is matched only by Master Yoda.
Luke Skywalker X-wing pilot 4S Luke Skywalker [X-wing Pilot] Lightside M 3700 3350 6170 5990 140 60 Long ATK Up [Sml] 15
Luke Skywalker is a former moisture farmer from Tatooine who became a hero of the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire. Luke used his new-found connection to the Force to destroy the Death Star without a targeting computer during the Battle of Yavin - a feat everyone thought impossible.
Tiepilot TIE Fighter Pilot Darkside M 4000 2430 7290 4350 140 50 - 13
A TIE fighter pilot is an officer of the Galactic Empire trained to fly the highly maneuverable, and highly dangerous, short-range TIE fighter. Exttremely loyal to the Empire, these pilots put missions before safety when attacking Rebel ships in battle.
Rancor 4S Rancor Neutral S 4200 3240 7000 5800 140 60 Self ATK Up [Med] 18
Native to Dathomir, Rancors are among the most fearsome creatures in the galaxy. Jabba the Hutt kept a Rancor beneath his throne room in order to 'dispose' of those who had displeased him.
IMG 1284 Han Solo [In Carbonite] Neutral S 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 100
Han Solo is the well-known captain of the Millennium Falcon and Rebel hero of the Battle of Yavin. After failing to deliver a cargo of smuggled spice, Solo had had a bounty placed on his head by the crime lord Jabba the Hutt. Following his capture by Boba Fett and Darth Vader, Solo was encased in carbonite and delivered to Jabba as a trophy.
Padmé Amidala Battle of Theed 4S Padmé Amidala [Battle of Theed] Lightside M 3870 3180 6460 5130 150 50 Dark ATK Down [Sml] 14
When the Trade Federation invaded Naboo, Queen Amidala had hoped the Republic would be able to resolve the conflict without bloodshed. But when the Senate failed to take action, Amidala led a daring raid on occupied Theed and untimately forced the Trade Federation off Naboo.
Vulture Droid starfighter 4S Vulture Droid starfighter Darkside L 4350 3780 6700 6300 130 30 Long DEF Down [Sml] 19
Vulture Droids were primarily used as starfighters by the Trade Federation, but were fully autonomous battle droids in their own right. Their ability to 'walk' on their wingtips gave vulture droids a unique advantage over other starfighters in terms of maneuverability and storage.
Commander Bacara Light 4S Clone Commander Bacara Lightside M 4600 3060 6770 4580 140 50 Dark DEF Down [Sml] 14
CC-1138 is the Marshall Commander in the 4th Sector Army's Galactic Marines. Nicknamed 'Bacara', he served under Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi during the three-year campaign on Mygeeto. A stern officer, Bacara made it his habit to reassign Clone Troopers who did not meet his standards for excellence, often without his General's consent.
Commander Bacara Dark 4S Clone Commander Bacara Darkside M 4740 2580 6980 4380 140 50 Light DEF Down [Sml] 14
While he is Marshall Commander of the 21st Nova Corps, CC-1138 was always at odds with his Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi. When Order 66 was issued, Commander Bacara hesitated for but a brief moment in disbelief before ordering his men to attack their General. Upon reflection, he is quite satisfied in carrying out his command and would gladly do the same to anyone who would compromise the Republic.
Captain Panaka 4S Captain Panaka Lightside L 3780 3010 5830 5030 150 40 - 21
The head of Theed Palace's security forces, when the Trade Federation invaded, Panaka was placed in the unenviable position of a senior officer on a world with no formal military. Rather than allow this to deter him, Panaka was able to leverage his extremely limited resources into a daring raid; retaking the Palace in the name of the Queen.
DaD6IQnVMAAUfzV Aurra Sing [Sniper] Darkside L 4090 2380 6300 3840 150 40 Self ATK Up [Sml] 22
Briefly a mentor to an orphaned Boba Fett, and an oft employed mercenary for Separatist forces, the mysterious Aurra Sing has assumed many roles throughout her career. While she is a ruthless bounty hunter and a killer without compunction, her favorite targets are always Jedi.
Aayla secura 4s Aayla Secura Lightside S 3780 3730 6100 5340 150 90 Short ATK Down [Sml] 15
Aayla Secura is a Republic General whose campaigns often involve her brushing with primitive, non-space sentients. While she takes great pains to respect and preserve their cultures, the nature of the Clone Wars often forces her to intervene on their behalf; cementing the young Twi'lek as a part of their culture for years to come.
Supreme chancellor palpatine 4s Supreme Chancellor Palpatine Darkside S 3570 3920 4760 7140 140 60 Skill Effect Down [Sml] 18
Palpatine has spent years perfecting his plan to rule the galaxy. He has engineered wars, assassinations, and legislation; each a step toward securing more power. While the Jedi grow increasingly concerned over his growing influence, Palpatine knows that by the time they discover his true purpose it will be woo late to stop him.
Bib major Bib Fortuna [Majordomo] Darkside S 2950 2960 4610 4560 150 60 3-Unit Jabba's Crime Syndicate ATK Up [Sml] 19
Jabba's Majordomo of many decisions, Bib Fortuna thwarted many conspiracies against his Hutt master. However, his seemingly loyal actions served only as a mask for his own machinations against the crime lord.
Lando guard Lando Calrissian [Palace Guard] Lightside S 3020 4410 4650 7350 150 60 Jabba's Crime Syndicate ATK Down [Med] 16
Betrayed by the Galactic Empire and robbed of his barony over the Bespin mining colony of Cloud City, Lando joined the Rebel Alliance. However, Lando knew that he had to set things right with those whom he betrayed at Cloud City and infiltrated Jabba's palace to rescue Han Solo.
4sCCGreeLS Clone Commander Gree Lightside M 4590 2650 6750 3970 150 50 Dark ACC Down [Med] 14
Commanding the 41st Elite Corps, Gree's knowledge of alien culture made him the obvious choise for leading the Republic counter-offensive on Kashyyyk. Where his comrades' military rigidity might have been offensive to the native Wookiees, his ability to adapt to their culture allowed Gree to earn their trust and lead the combined forces against the Separatists.
4sCCGreeDS Clone Commander Gree Darkside M 4660 2270 6860 3860 150 50 Light ACC Down [Med] 14
Despite the New Order's disdain for non-humans, men like Gree and his ability to understand alien cultures are useful. Hardened by countless skirmishes, Gree also possessesin-depth practical knowledge of the species he once stood in defence of. When the order is given, Gree will not hesitate to turn that knowledge against those who oppose the Emperor.
4sSaesseTin Saesse Tiin Lightside S 3700 3600 5700 6010 150 60 Long ACC Down [Med] 15
A veteran of the Stark Hyperspace War and Yinchorri Uprising, Tiin is a renowed starfighter ace as well as Jedi General. Reserved and blunt, Tiin has never taken on a padawan and prefers the solitude of the cockpit than the Council Chambers.
DwaefSD4s Dwarf Spider Droid Darkside M 3740 3850 5760 6210 150 50 Self Destruction 18
Once used as a simple enforcer unit by the Commerce Guild, the DSD1's versatility soon found it a place on the front lines for the Separatist forces. Able to scale sheer clifs or pursue quarry down narrow tunnels, the Dwarf Spider Droid's ability to traverse difficult terrain makes for a lethal surprise to those taking natural barriers for granted.
4sTMedon Tion Medon Lightside S 2990 4080 4410 6090 140 50 Separatist EVA Down [Med] 18
As Port Administrator of Pau City, Medon greets all guests of import arriving in his city. He is not a warrior, but his shrewd attention to detail allowed him to feed General Kenobi the accurate and complete intelligence the Jedi needed for his forces to free Utapau.
4sSHill San Hill Darkside S 2940 3240 4330 5500 140 50 Galactic Republic EVA Down [Med] 18
No war can be fought without money. As chairman of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, San Hill knows this better than most. Throwing in with the CIS, Hill ensured that the Separatists would have funds to spare in their war with the Republic and any resulting government would be permanently indebted to him in more ways tnan one.
HanSoloBoB4s Han Solo [Back of Beyond] Lightside M 4080 3650 6000 5450 140 50 Rebel Alliance ACC Up [Sml] 16
Solo never imagined he'd find himself on the galaxy's most remote frozen planet for the sake of someone else's war. Yet there is something about the cause of the Rebel Alliance that causes the smuggler to forget his self-interested ways. Even as the price on his head ticks ever higher, he cannot seem to tear himself away from this band of idealistic freedom fighters.
Han Solo DD 4 Han Solo [Double Dealer]
SnowT4s Snowtrooper Darkside M 4150 2920 6110 4960 120 50 3 Attacks Per Turn 18
From frozen tundras to lifeless balls of ice, there is no place too cold for an Imperial Snowtrooper. Snowtroopers are outfitted with highly efficient survival equipment, trained in grueling conditions, and armed with the latest in military weaponry. Chilly weather is the least an insurgent will have to worry about when Snowtroopers are on the ground.
4sMonMothma Mon Mothma Lightside S 2460 3630 3620 5870 130 50 1-Card Light Side & Neutral Acceleration [Sml] 20
A passionate idealist, Mothma is the youngest Senator ever elected. While she deeply believes in the Republic, she is an opponent to the seemingly endless Clone Wars. Where others may be cowed by Palpatine’s assurances of imminent peace, Mothma often wonders if he has the best interests of the Republic at heart.
4sOrnFreeTaa Orn Free Taa Darkside S 2660 3360 3760 5700 130 50 1-Card Dark Side & Neutral Acceleration [Sml] 20
Outwardly jovial if a bit bumbling, Taa's large shadow is nonetheless cast over nearly every aspect of Coruscant politics. Despite his gregarious nature, he is a staunch militarist and is ever alert for opportunities to put credits in his pocket. While his corruption is obvious, none can seem to find enough evidence of criminal behavior to oust him.
4sGenCraken General Cracken Lightside M 3800 3300 5760 5610 140 60 Galactic Empire DEF Down [Sml] 15
Airen Cracken was an accomplished freedom fighter before there was even a Rebel Alliance. After liberating his homeworld with nothing but planetary militia, Cracken was fast-tracked to a General's commission within the Alliance. However, as the Battle of Endor approaches, Cracken knows the Rebels need soldiers more than officers and opts for a seat in the gunner's chair of the Millennium Falcon.
4sScoutT74ZBike Scout Trooper & 74-Z Speeder Bike Darkside M 3840 1770 5650 3000 140 110 Self EVA Up [Med] 16
Imperial Scout troopers rely on speed, not armor, for protection. For them, the 74-Z Speeder Bike is the best protection around. While most vehicles would be hindered by tricky terrain like forest, Scout trooper training allows them to zip around these obstacles with ease. As such, they can flee heavy resistance through otherwise impassable terrain, or chase down quarry where saner pursuers dare not go.
4sCheweeMech Chewbacca [Mechanic] Lightside S 1000 2490 1480 4030 150 50 Self HEA/REP Up [Med] 33
Chewbacca knows that no user manual will help any technician assigned to fix the Millennium Falcon, so the Wookiee conducts all repairs to the heavily modified craft himself. While his wiring may not be factory standard, Chewie is stillsomehow able to keep the Falcon flying just long enough to get where it needs to be... most of the time.
4sDD13Heal DD-13 [Healer] Darkside S 1020 2330 1440 3950 150 50 Self HEA/REP Up [Med] 32
Nicknames the 'Galactic Chopper,' the DD-13's industrial roots are immediately evident. Where most medical droids are designed to appear inviting and approachable, the DD-13 is a blur of razor sharp durasteel and disembodied fluids. Despite its terrifying countenance, this droid is quite adept at installing life-saving cybernetics quickly and efficiently.
4sCDrallig Cin Drallig Lightside S 4720 2230 7160 3720 150 110 Jedi ATK UP [Sml] 16
Cin Drallig is honored with the mantle of both Chief of Security and Battlemaster for the Jedi Temple. His unparalleled skill with a lightsaber has benefited many a Jedi under his tutelage, including Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.
4sDarthSid Darth Sidious Darkside S 3350 3970 6100 7100 150 60 Sith DEF UP [Sml] 17
Even upon learning his true nature as a Dark Lord of the Sith, the Jedi underestimated Darth Sidious when they confronted him. While the Jedi might have thought him capable of some resistance, none could have predicted Sidious’ lethal ferocity with a lightsaber. This is one of a great many surprises Sidious intends to spring upon the Order.
4StarCCWolffe Clone Commander Wolffe Lightside M 4150 2720 6390 4400 120 80 - 18
A clone commander serving under Jedi General Plo Koon, Wolffe led a squad of clones from the 104th Battalion known as 'Wolfpack'. Tasked with high risk missions for the Grand Army of the Republic, Wolffe fought alongside Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker on several occasions, including during the Battle of Khorm where he lost his right eye.
4StarBXDroidCommando BX Droid Commando Darkside S 4750 2510 7320 3540 150 100 Dual-Range 17
Part of an advanced series of battle droids deployed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, the BX-series Droid Commando was built with processing power and speed much improved from its standard battle droid predecessors. With the ability to wear clone trooper armor and impersonate the voices of others, these droids were well suited to high profile infiltration missions, even going so far as to take control of the Republic's Rishi moon Station.
4StarCloneCommanderNeyoLS Clone Commander Neyo Lightside M 4180 3170 6160 4740 140 60 Dark EVA Down [Med] 14
Officially known as CC-8826, Clone Commander Neyo leads the 91st Reconnaissance Corps for the Galactic Republic. Under the leadership of Jedi Master General Stass Allie, Neyo's troops laid siege to the Separatist world of Saleucami during the final days of the Clone Wars.
4StarCloneCommanderNeyoDS Clone Commander Neyo Darkside M 6270 4630 140 60 Dark EVA Up [Med] 14
4StarHardcase Hardcase Lightside M 5940 4750 120 60 Counter Attack [Sml] 20
While growing in Kamino's clone vats, an imbalance of growth chemicals caused "Hardcase" to develop a hyperactive personality. As such he is always eager for a fight and revels in the noise of battle. He becomes noticeably agitated when things go quiet, but his heavy blaster ensures that when trouble appears; things won't stay quiet for long.
4StarIG-86 IG-86 Darkside M 7300 3150 140 60 Counter Attack [Sml] 19
When Holowan Industries wanted to create a better battledroid, they knew the limitations of existing models lay in their inability to think creatively. However, Holowan failed to consider that a creative droid was an unpredictable droid. Now that the IG-86 is on the market; everyone knows it's a killer, but no one knows what it's thinking.
4StarLukeSkywalker-ANewHope- Luke Skywalker [A New Hope] Lightside M 8220 4450 150 60 - 18
4StarOrrimaarko Orrimaarko Lightside M 3510 5260 120 40 Adjacent Rebel Alliance ATK Up [Sml] 21
Despite a well informed suspicion of humans, Orrimaarko reluctantly joined the Rebellion as a special forces officer. While his wrinkled appearance might be amusing to his human comrades, no one laughes when Orrimaarko leaves nothing but dead stormtroopers in his wake.
4StarQueenApailana Queen Apailana Neutral S 1650 3380 3010 5640 130 50 Force Bonus Up [Sml] 18
As the first queen under the Galactic Empire, many would expect Apailana to simply bask in Naboo's meteoric rise in importance to galaxy-wide affairs. But Apailana was appointed by her people, not the Emperor, and she refuses to be a puppet to former Chancellor; whatever the cost.
4StarQueenJamillia Queen Jamillia Neutral S 1680 3720 3360 5730 130 50 Morale Boost Up [Sml] 19
The reign of Queen Amidala cast a long shadow for her successor, but Queen Jamillia is not intimidated. The specter of war may loom large across the galaxy but Jamillia is intent on keeping Naboo a planet of peace and dignity. She will not allow her world to join the Grand Army nor become a pawn in the game of galactic conquest.
4StarSandtrooper Sandtrooper Darkside S 3450 8070 135 50 Self DEF Up [Med] 19
4StarShaakTi Shaak Ti Lightside S 5440 6420 150 60 Light EVA Up [Med] 14
4StarSimAloo Sim Aloo Darkside M 3580 5590 120 40 Adjacent Galactic Empire ATK Up [Sml] 20
4StarTacticalDroid Tactical Droid Darkside S 4400 6100 150 60 Separatist ATK Up [Sml] 15
Gasgano 4* Gasgano Neutral S 2570 2080 4590 3360 150 120 Podracer EVA Up [Sml] 14
A Xexto Podracer, Gasgano uses all four of his arms to pilot his craft with extreme dexterity. Participating in the legendary Boonta Eve Classic Podrace, Gasgano held his own racing neck and neck against the crowd favorite, Sebulba, and the victorious underdog, Anakin Skywalker.
Teemto Pagalies 4* Teemto Pagalies Neutral S 2360 2180 4380 3430 130 40 All ACC Down [Sml] 14
One of the pilots in the famous Boonta Eve Classic Podrace, Teemto may have had fewer arms to his vehicle than some of his competitors, but his powerful engines and finesse made him a serious adversary none-the-less.
Clone Sergeant Fox Clone Sergeant Fox Darkside M ? ? 6230 4150 140 50 Terminate the Jedi [Sml] 16
CT-0000/1010 was a loyal Clone Sergeant through the entirety of the War. He largely served on Coruscant and had grown tired of the war. When Order 66 was issues, it was his 501st Legion that assaulted the Jedi temple there. Sergeant Fox and his unit were tasked with holding the entry and exit's to the temple. As his senior officer fell to the Jedi Padawan, Fox fired the killing blow on Zett Jukassa. With the Jedi's death, Fox had enough. He allowed Senator Organa to flee the scene having lost all desire for battle.
Holdo4Stars Amilyn Holdo Lightside M 154 55 21
While it is easy to be distracted by her light hearted & eccentric nature, Amilyn Holdo has a sharp mind for politics and science. Following in the footsteps of Princess Leia Organa, Amilyn Holdo was a former member of the legislature for the Imperial Senate who saw the threat of the First Order when it first appeared. Joining the Resistance, Amilyn quickly became a Vice Admiral and a valuable leader for the cause.
Captain Phasma 4 Captain Phasma
Colonel-datoo-4-star-medium-dark Colonel Datoo
Bb-9e-4-star-base BB-9E
Admiral-ackbar-4-star-medium-light Admiral Ackbar Lightside M
General Grievous -Cunning Fighter- General Grievous [Cunning Fighter]
Obi-Wan Kenobi -Resourceful Jedi- Obi-Wan Kenobi [Resourceful Jedi]
FO Tie Pilot 4 First Order TIE fighter pilot Darkside
Megablaster 4 Megablaster Heavy Assault Trooper Darkside
Bala Tik 4 Bala Tik
Tasu Leech 4 Tasu Leech
1078430140 ms Dengar
Highsinger-4star Highsinger
Whie-4star Whie Malreaux
CloneParatrooper-4star Clone Paratrooper Lightside
Serving under the command of Clone Marshal Commander Cody and High General Obi-Wan Kenobi, the 2nd Airborne Company are the drop units for rapid deployment within the Grand Army of the Republic. Like all clones, they receive elite training, but the 2nd have been hardened by the bitter battles against both General Grievous' droids.
FC-Paratrooper-dark Clone Paratrooper Darkside
FC-EV-A4-D EV-A4-D [Mechanic] Darkside
FC-Krismo-Sodi Krismo Sodi Lightside
FC-General-Draven General Draven Lightside
FC-Chopper4star C1-10P Chopper Lightside
FC-Bodhi-four-stars Bodhi Rook Lightside
FC-ARC-Trooper-Fives ARC Trooper Fives Lightside

✮✮✮✮✮ Cards

Show/Hide Table

Image Name Side Range Base ATK Base DEF Max ATK Max DEF ACC EVA Skill Cost Desc.
Aayla-Secura-5-Star Aayla Secura
342 A Complete Map
308 A Dark Plot
Admiral Ackbar 5S Admiral Ackbar Lightside M 4640 6420 6830 9180 160 60 All EVA Up [Sml] 24
Admiral Ackbar is a Mon Calamari master tactician and a top Fleet Admiral of the Rebel Alliance. Once a slave to Grand Moff Tarkin, his rescue by the Rebels led to the Mon Calamari joining the Rebellion. The addition of Ackbar's tactical genius, as well as the Mon Cal's advanced MC-80 Cruisers, made a huge difference in evening the Rebel's odds against the Imperial Navy.
Admiral-Ackbar-Its-A-Trap Admiral Ackbar [It's a Trap!] Lightside M 5540 8600 150 70 Strength in Numbers 28
Captain of the Mon Calamari Guard during the Clone Wars, Ackbar rose to the rank of Admiral, becoming the top military commander of the Rebel Alliance. Commanding the Rebel fleet's flagship, Home One, during the Battle of Endor, Admiral Ackbar led the successful attack against the Galactic Empire's second and fully operational Death Star.
Admiral-trench-5-star-dark-long Admiral Trench
Agent-kallus-5-star-medium-dark Agent Kallus
Ahsoka-Tano-5-Star Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka-tano-fated-confrontation-light Ahsoka Tano [Fated Confrontation] -
Ahsoka-tano-wary-protector-light-short Ahsoka Tano [Wary Protector]
Anakin-Skywalker-Dual-Wield Anakin Skywalker [Dual Wield] Lightside S 8850 8610 170 60 Blitz 27
As the galaxy spins out of control around him, Anakin Skywalker is desperate to insert a semblance of order. While the Council may have held his leash before, all codes and mandates finally fall away as Skywalker faces his true enemy. One dear person has already been lost to him. He refuses to lose another.
Anakin-skywalker-fallen-knight-short-dark Anakin Skywalker [Fallen Knight]
IMG 1322 Anakin Skywalker [Jedi General]
Anakin-Skywalker-Padawan Anakin Skywalker [Padawan] Lightside S 6680 4290 10290 6610 170 80 - 17
Anakin is a gifted Padawan Learner. Due to his young age, he often feels shackled by old Jedi traditions, and frequently disobeys his Jedi teacher, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Anakin-Skywalker-Race-of-Destiny Anakin Skywalker [Race of Destiny] Lightside S 3780 4510 5740 5640 160 150 Recovery 27
Anakin Skywalker started his life as a slave on Tatooine. Naturally skilled in not only piloting and engineering but also the Force, Anakin became a formidable podracing competitor, eventually winning his freedom as the champion of the famous Boonta Eve Classic podrace
AnakinSkywalker Anakin Skywalker [The Chosen One] Lightside S 6250 6470 9200 9250 170 80 - 21
One of the most powerful Jedi Knight of his time, Anakin was prophesized to bring balance to the Force. Some members of the Jedi Council distrusted his immense power and emotion.
Anakin SkywalkerThe Fallen One 5S Anakin Skywalker [The Fallen One] Darkside S 6290 6160 8870 8810 170 80 The Fallen One 40
Desperate to quell visions of Qui-Gon's death, Anakin gave himself over to the Dark Side under Lord Sidious and became Darth Vader. In his obsession to discover the secret of preserving life, and never questioning his purpose, Anakin slaughtered all the Jedi in their Temple, and the Separatist leadership at Mustafar.
Asajj-Ventress-5-Star Asajj Ventress
AsajjBanshee5Stars Asajj Ventress [Bald Banshee] Darkside S 9790 8610 170 110 Blade of Bloodthirst 37
Betrayed and on the run from Count Dooku, far from the battles of the Clone Wars, Asajj Ventress has gained a new type of infamy as a bounty hunter. With her unique Sith training and yellow bladed lightsaber newly obtained from the black market, Asajj Ventress demands a high price for her services. Now known as the Bald Banshee in the underworld, Ventress commands the jealousy of her fellow hunters and cautious respect of her clients.
AurraSing Aurra Sing Darkside M 5190 4620 7420 6160 240 50 - 19
Aurra Sing is a bounty hunter specializing in assassinations. During the Clone Wars Aurra worked with Cad Bane, Count Dooku and also joined up with a young Boba Fett to help him seek revenge for the death of his father, Jango.
Aurra-Sing-Hired-Gun Aurra Sing [Hired Gun] -
Bail-organa-5-star-light-short Bail Organa
Barriss-Offee-Fallen-Jedi Barriss Offee [Fallen Jedi]
Trained as a Jedi Padawan during the Clone Wars, Barriss Offee survived the Battle of...
Bb-8-5-star BB-8
Bb-8-the-final-piece-light-short BB-8 [The Final Piece] Lightside
Ben-Kenobi-5-Star Ben Kenobi Lightside S 7840 9370 170 90 One with the Force 36
Secretly the Jedi Master known as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ben personally trained one of the most famous Jedi Knights in the galaxy, Anakin Skywalker, before he turned to the Dark Side and became Darth Vader. After years in hiding, Ben revealed his identity to Anakin's son, Luke, and trained him in the ways of the force, leading Ben to a fateful duel with Vader aboard the infamous Death Star.
Ben-Kenobi-Jedi-in-Hiding-Light-Short Ben Kenobi [Jedi in Hiding] Lightside S
IMG 1431 Baze Malbus Lightside
5BlackKrrsantan Black Krrsantan Darkside S 6130 9720 170 80 Frenzied Fists 35
Black Krrsantan is the ominous moniker of a bounty hunter Wookiee who has fallen into disgrace and fled his homeworld of Kashyyyk. Like so many other pieces of scum, he ended up on Tatooine working under the crime lord Jabba the Hutt. There is little more terrifying than being hunted by a Wookiee, and Jabba used Black Krrsantan to strong-arm and hunt anyone who stood up against the "protection" Jabba offered to the planet's residents.
Boba Fett 5S Boba Fett Darkside M 6700 4290 10010 6310 160 70 - 18
Boba Fett is one of the most feared Bounty Hunters in the galaxy. Boba was born on Kamino as an unmodified clone of his "father" Jango Fett. His most famous bounty was the capture of Rebel leader Han Solo who was delivered to Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine.
Boba-Fett-Death-for-Hire Boba Fett [Death for Hire] -
Boba-fett-lessons-of-youth-dark-short Boba Fett [Lessons of Youth]
Boba Fett The Relentless Hunter 5S Boba Fett [The Relentless Hunter] Darkside S 1570 6870 2190 9970 250 60 - 32
As enigmatic as his is dangerous, Boba Fett has a reputation for always getting the job done. With an almost preternatural understanding of how his targets think, Fett was able to anticipate Han Solo's method of escape from pursuing Star Destroyers and follow him to Bespin.
Bodhi-rook-light-medium Bodhi Rook
Bossk-5-Star Bossk Darkside M 8920 6600 160 80 Regenerate 24
A Trandoshan bounty hunter known for hunting Wookiees, Bossk does not always work alone and picks his allies carefully. One of his most notable assignments was when he was called upon [by] Darth Vader to capture the Millennium Falcon.
5Bossk-LH Bossk [Licensed Hunter] Darkside M 8430 9640 150 60 Wookiee Hunter 34
Extremely deadly, Bossk was renowned for his ability to defeat Wookiees in single combat. However, Bossk was one of the few bounty hunters who fully upheld the Bounty Hunter Code and was a founding member of the Bounty Hunter's Guild under the Imperium. He was issued an Imperial Peace Keeping Certificate by the Empire, effectively giving him a license to kill. Once he had a job, he did not like others interfering and would spurn working with those known to be traitorous. Deadly and thorough, Bossk is not an adversary that targets wanted after them.
C-3PO-5-Star C-3PO Lightside S 1950 6170 3250 8580 130 100 The Golden God 35
С-3РО might be an unremarkable protocol droid to the rest of the galaxy, but to a primitive tribe of Ewoks, his golden carapace marks him as a god. With a few levitation tricks, courtesy of a Force wielding friend, C-3P0 has everything he needs to convince the tribesmen to take arms against the Empire and abstain from eating his companions.
5StarC-3PO&R2-D2 C-3PO & R2-D2 [May the 4th Limited Edition] Neutral S 5780 5820 130 100 Attendant 20
Few could imagine that otherwise unremarkable droids could survive the trials C-3PO and R2-D2 endured; let alone facilitate the destruction of the Death Star. While some would argue that they have exceeded their programming, in a way they have fulfilled it better than any other droid could: they have made a better galaxy for their masters.
IMG 1423 C2-B5 Darkside S 6500 9460 170 80 Spark Discharge 34
The Galactic Empire relies on astromech droids to maintain its machinery, but unlike the Rebel Alliance, Imperial technicians do not grant their droids independence and subject them to frequent memory wipes to keep them subservient. Droids are ubiquitous throughout the galaxy and the Empire exploits them to great effect. Often overlooked, droids provide invaluable maintenance for systems and machines, but they also serve as the eyes and ears of Imperial agents. For C2-B5, serving the Empire is its sole purpose and only mission, and one in which it will execute until it is destroyed or its memory is wiped for a new mission.
Cad-Bane-5-Star Cad Bane Darkside M 8080 6120 160 110 Die Hard 35
Cad Bane is no simple assassin. He is a mercenary that puts a price tag on the impossible. From springing Hutts from fortress prisons, to kidnapping legislators in the very halls of the Senate; Bane's exploits leave statesmen and gangsters alike in awe. Whatever the job, no matter how difficult, Cad's customers get what they pay for.
Cad-Bane-Steeled-Killer-Dark-Medium Cad Bane [Steeled Killer]
Captain-ithano-5-star-dark-long Captain Ithano
Captain-Phasma-5-Star Captain Phasma
Captain-phasma-for-the-order-medium-dark Captain Phasma [For the Order]
Captain-phasma-veteran-commander-short-dark Captain Phasma [Veteran Commander]
Cassian-Andor-Light-Medium-Rogue-One Cassian Andor Lightside M
Chelli-lona-aphra-dark-short Chelli Lona Aphra Darkside S
Doctor Aphra never imagined she would one day be working for the mighty Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. But when Vader was impressed with her droidekas enough to ask for her assistance in creating a private army, she knew it would be both foolish and dangerous to refuse. Eager to prove her worth, Aphra told him of a secret portable droid factory on Geonosis. Together, she and the Sith Lord took over the factory and began creating an army of droid commandos for Vader to command.
Chewbacca Chewbacca Lightside M 5760 4460 8480 6380 240 50 - 18
"Chewie," as he is known to his friends, is the co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon and loyal sidekick to Han Solo. A veteran of the Clone Wars and Hero of the Rebellion, his actions were critical in bringing about the fall of the Empire.
Chewbacca-A-Hero-Returned Chewbacca [A Hero Returned]
Chewbacca Hero of Kashyyyk 5S Chewbacca [Hero of Kashyyyk] Lightside M 5900 4220 8560 6210 160 70 3-Unit Wookiee ATK Up [Sml] 28
Chewbacca is a Wookie who fought against the Separatists during the Clone Wars on Kashyyyk. Technically savvy as well as extremely brave and loyal, Chewbacca helped Master Yoda escape Kashyyyk after Order 66 turned the Clone Troopers against the Jedi.
Chewbacca -Wookie Warrior- Chewbacca [Wookiee Warrior] Lightside S 6000 10020 170 80 Self ATK Up [Med] 33
Known as Chewie by his friends, Chewbacca is a Wookiee Warrior from Kashyyyk. Chewbacca's brute strength makes him a fierce warrior on the battlefield and strikes fear into his opponents. Accompanying Han Solo as co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon, he helped with a number of missions against the Empire.
IMG 1388 Chirrut Îmwe -
Clone-Captain-Rex-5-Star Clone Captain Rex Lightside M 5880 5620 7950 7600 160 70 Concentrated Fire 34
A man must truly be exceptional to stand out against a sea of clones. Rex is such a man. Though imbued with the same training as his fellow officers, years under the command of General Skywalker have taught Rex many unorthodox leadership techniques. While traditionalists might call these 'bad habits', Rex's near-flawless record speaks for itself.
Clone-Captain-Rex-Phase-2 Clone Captain Rex [Phase 2]
Clone Commander Appo 5S Clone Commander Appo Darkside M 6540 4240 8730 6070 160 70 3-Unit Clone Trooper ATK Up [Sml] 28
Clone Commander CC-1119 is a member of the Republic Grand Army's 501st Legion and a veteran of the Clone Wars. After Order 66 was given, Appo was one of the Clone Troopers assigned to attack the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.
5sLSCody Clone Commander Cody Lightside M 4400 6780 6120 9430 160 70 Clone Marshall Commander 35
Cody's demands of his men and himself are nothing short of utter perfection. The clone Marshall Commander expects nothing short of victory in each battle he fights, and his continued survival in the Clone Wars proves his dedication to that policy.
5sDSCody Clone Commander Cody Darkside M 4470 6710 6220 9330 160 70 Clone Marshall Commander 35
CC-2224, like all clones, is programmed to be skillful and obedient. Throughout the Clone Wars, he served faithfully at General Kenobi's side and shared in many hard-won victories. However, when the directive came to destroy the Jedi Order, Cody did not hesitate to carry it out.
Clone-Commander-Thire-5-Star Clone Commander Thire Darkside M 4690 6110 6700 8150 160 70 3-Unit Clone Trooper DEF Up [Sml] 28
CC-4477 is the Commander of the Shock Trooper detachment guarding the Senate building on Coruscant. He and his men were tasked with finding the defeated Master Yoda when the Jedi Master escaped his duel with Palpatine. However, he was soon commanded to accompany the Sith Lord to retrieve the grievously wounded Darth Vader.
Clone-commander-wolffe-5-star-light-medium Clone Commander Wolffe
5DarthBane Darth Bane Darkside S 3060 6250 0 100 Force Drain 37
The final Sith Lord of Moraband and founder of the Rule of Two, Darth Bane's remains lay rotting in the Valley of the Dark Lords for a millennia, a hollow monument to the fall of the Sith homeworld and its empire. When Master Yoda was drawn to the planet in his quest to discover the secrets of immortality through the Force, the specter of Darth Bane rose forth in order to tempt the Jedi Master to join the Dark Side with knowledge beyond the grave.
Darth-Maul-5-Star Darth Maul Darkside S 6120 6220 8740 8490 170 80 - 18
One of the most deadly and highly trained Sith in history, he feverishly serves his master, Darth Sidious. His body tattoos indicate his heritage to the warrior tribe known as the Nightbrothers of Dathomir.
2014-01-07 09.45.42 Darth Maul [Assassin] Darkside S 6290 6330 9260 8440 170 80 - 20
Trained as a Sith Lord by Darth Sidious, Maul was an often silent and territying pawm in his master's schemes. He wielded a strange double-bladed Lightsaber that gave him a distinct edge when facing multiple opponents.
Darth-Maul-Malice-Reborn Darth Maul [Malice Reborn]
Darth Darth Maul [Rage of the Sith] Darkside S 7590 6440 10120 9200 170 80 - 40
Knowing the Coucil would never truly abadon Naboo to the Trade Federation, Maul anticipated the presence of Jedi Knights in Theed. That there were so few, however, he found disappointing. Once he deals with them, he hopes the Council will provide a greater challenge next time.
Darth Sidious 5S Darth Sidious Darkside S 6720 6410 8970 9170 170 80 Self DEF Up [Med] 34
Darth Sidious secretly gained immense power as his alter ego Chancellor Palpatine, but when the time was right he revealed he was truly a Sith Lord. Just as skilled with a lightsaber as his destructive mastery of the Force; Sidious is skilled enough to defeat almost any Jedi who opposes him.
Darth-Sidious-Ruthless-Ambition Darth Sidious [Ruthless Ambition]
Sidious SD Darth Sidious [Sith Dictator] Darkside S 6030 5540 8050 7920 140 80

Dark Absorption

After many years of careful planning, Lord Sidious' grand vision for a Sith-ruled galaxy sits upon the threshold of success. With Order 66 having culled most of the Jedi Order and the Senate having pledged its fealty, all that remains is for the newly proclaimed Emperor to dispose of a few loose ends.
Darth-Vader-5-Star Darth Vader Darkside S 6590 6900 9090 9000 170 80 - 20
Answering only to the Emperor, Darth Vader uses fear, terror, and mastery of the dark side of the Force to destroy the Empire's enemies. Despite his loyalty to his master, Vader retains some connection to the light side and the Jedi he used to be.
Darth Vader Cloud City5S Darth Vader [Cloud City] Darkside S 6550 6870 9100 9040 170 80 Blaster Reflection [Med] 32
Darth Vader leads the Empire's efforts to destroy the Rebellion at any cost. He attempted to capture Luke Skywalker in Cloud City by using the young Jedi's captured friends as bait.
Darth-Vader-Dark-Overseer-Rogue-One-Short Darth Vader [Dark Overseer]
Darth-Vader-Galactic-Terror Darth Vader [Galactic Terror] Darkside S 6990 6240 9320 8920 170 80 Self ATK Up [Med] 35
When a mysterious vessel was brought aboard the Death Star, Vader immediately sensed something was amiss. He would allow the feckless Rebel infiltrators to lead the Empire to their secret base, but first: he has a score to settle with his old master.
Darth-Vader-His-Masters-Bidding Darth Vader [His Masters Bidding]
VaderMalachor Darth Vader [Malachor] -
Darth-Vader-Master-of-Evil Darth Vader [Master of Evil] Darkside S 9330 8700 170 80 Jedi Purge 39
Formerly the Jedi Knight known as Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader rules the Galactic Empire as the right-hand of Emperor Palpatine. Never reaching the rank of Master as a Jedi under the training of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Vader instead became a Master of Evil, turning to the Dark Side as a Sith Lord. After years apart from his former Master, Obi-Wan tracked down Vader aboard the Death Star where they engaged in a fierce duel.
Darth Vader May 4th 5S Darth Vader [May the 4th Limited Edition] Darkside S 5160 5010 6220 6120 170 80 - 18
Darth Vader is a powerful Dark Lord of the Sith who was once Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Enthralled by Sidious' promises of power to conquer death, Vader sudden descent into the dark side was punctuated by his slaughter of the Jedi Temple and the surrendered Separatist Leadership. With all that he once loved now gone, Vader is committed to destroying all traces of the Jedi Order and any who would oppose his new master.
Darth-Vader-Shadows-of-Fear-Short-Dark Darth Vader [Shadows of Fear]
Darth-Vader-The-Dark-Usurper Darth Vader [The Dark Usurper] Darkside S 9280 8800 170 80 Call of the Dark Side 39
While he has defeated his own son with little effort, Vader sees enough raw power in the boy that, if he could be turned to the Dark Side, he might one day overthrow the Emperor himself. With two powerful dark Jedi reigning as father and son, there would be nothing in the galaxy they could not accomplish.
Darth-Vader-The-Penultimate-Conflict Darth Vader [The Penultimate Conflict] Darkside S 7510 6640 10160 9100 170 90 - 42
His master's dark vision nearly complete, one final obstacle remains to Palpatine's grand design: the son of Darth Vader. Vader knows that the power and lure of the Dark Side is too great to resist. He must either turn his son, or destroy him.
Darth-Vader-TIE-Advanced Darth Vader [TIE Advanced]
Death-Trooper-5-Stars-Long-Dark Death Trooper
Death-trooper-elite-commando-medium-dark Death Trooper [Elite Commando]
Director-Krennic-Rogue-One-5-Star-Medium-Dark Director Krennic -
Director-krennic-advanced-weapons-research-dark-long Director Krennic [Advanced Weapons Research] -
Dengar-5-Star Dengar Darkside M 6160 5120 8220 7320 160 60 Counter Attack [Med] 31
In a galaxy full of foolhardy amateurs, wisdom gained through experience is rare. Dengar is a rare man, so much so that he was an obvious pick for the Empire's cadre of bounty hunters tasked with tracking the Milenium Falcon. He may not be able to match the energy of his younger colleagues; but he'll always know a trick or two they don't.
Dooku-5-Star Dooku Darkside S 5150 6880 6870 10120 170 80 - 19
Also know as Darth Tyranus, he is the leader of the Separatists. Once a Jedi, he now commands the leaders of scores of star systems.
Dooku-Dark-Conspirator-Dark-Short Dooku [Dark Conspirator]
Dooku-Dark-Lord Dooku [Dark Lord] Darkside S 4000 6080 5340 8110 140 80 Pacify [Med] 28
After years of careful planning, misdirection, and manipulation, Dooku finally stands ready to bring his master's vision for an ordered galaxy and an end to the Clone Wars to fruition. Staging the kidnapping of the Supreme Chancellor, Dooku now moves to quickly dispatch the only remaining Jedi who can still oppose him.
Dooku Enemy of the Republic Dooku [Enemy of the Republic] Darkside S 8550 8290 170 90 Form 2 28
What convinced Count Dooku into becoming a Sith Lord may never be understood by the Jedi, but his meteoric rise to power and influence are undeniable. With a single stroke of his lightsaber, Dooku stands ready to plunge the Republic into ruinous conflict. What he hopes to gain through this is only known to him and his master.
Dooku Sith Lord 5S Dooku [Sith Lord] Darkside S 6140 5580 8190 7980 140 80

Self ATK Up [Sml]

Count Dooku is a former Jedi Master who fell to the Dark Side. His skill with a Lightsaber and mastery of Force Lightning made him a formidable opponent against any Jedi that opposed him.
Droideka-5-Star Droideka Darkside M 3220 6130 4600 8520 160 0 Deflector Shield 48
Even decades after they were first put into service, Droidekas still have a place on the modern battlefield. Combining the armored firepower of a heavy laser turret with the mobility of a light vehicle, the presence of a 'destroyer droid' can dictate the outcome of battle even against Jedi.
Emperor Palpatine 5 Star Emperor Palpatine Darkside S 6040 5480 8400 7520 140 70 - 22
Emperor Palpatine rose to power through manipulation, deceit, and assassination. His secret mastery of the Dark Side allowed him to clandestinely influence the Senate into granting him more and more power until he was able to declare himself Supreme Emperor.
Emperor's Royal Guard Emperor's Royal Guard Darkside S 5870 5900 8270 7870 170 100 Shield of The Empire 28
Hand picked from the best of the Imperial military, the Royal Guards are honed to be experts in close-quarters and ranged combat. They obey the Emperor without question and carry out his whim without hesitation. For them, there is no greater aspiration than to die for the Emperor, or leave would-be assassins bloody at his feet.
Ezra-bridger-5-star-medium-light Ezra Bridger
Fifth-brother-inquisitor-5-star-dark-medium Fifth Brother
Finn-5-Star Finn Lightside
IMG 1416 Finn [Battle of Takodana] Lightside 36
Finn-taking-a-stand-short-light Finn [Taking a Stand] Lightside
First-order-tie-sf-pilot-dark-medium First Order TIE-SF Pilot
First-order-flametrooper-dark-short First Order Flametrooper
First-order-stormtrooper-5-star-medium-dark First Order Stormtrooper
FN-2199-Nines-5-Star FN-2199 "Nines" -
Garazeb-orrelios-5-star-short-light Garazeb Orrelios
GenGrievous General Grievous Darkside S 6830 5270 8880 7030 160 125 - 20
General Grievous is the cyborg Supreme Commander of the Droid Army. His four arms wield the Lightsabers of Jedi that he has defeated in combat.
General-Grievous-Assault-on-Kamino-Dark-Short-5-Star General Grievous [Assault on Kamino]
General-Grievous-Elusive-Commander General Grievous [Elusive Commander] Darkside S 7620 4100 10160 6840 170 80 Minion Shield 38
Grievous, as a warrior and tactician, outstrips every command officer in the Republic. However the limited and unreliable resources of the CIS have convinced him of the value of having a speedy and reliable exit strategy on even the safest of postings. Grievous does not consider retreat a defeat so much as denying the Republic final victory.
General Grievious Last Stand 5S General Grievous [Last Stand] Darkside S 7050 4570 9050 6540 135 130 - 34
Supreme Martial Commander of the Separatist Droid Armies, General Grievous is near machine himself in both body and purpose. Grievous cares little for politics or causes, but instead only lives for the thrill of battle and the total destruction of the Jedi Order.
General-Grievous-The-Atrocious-Executioner General Grievous [The Atrocious Executioner] Darkside S 9190 8780 130 70 Counter Attack [Med] 36
As the cyborg leader of the Droid Army, General Grievous is a superior commander. His skills at wielding up to four Lightsabers at once make him a deadly opponent. Many Jedi have fallen victim to his ruthless attacks. Whether they be Masters, or merely Padawans, no Jedi is safe.
General-Hux-5-Star General Hux
IMG 1320 General Hux [Calculated Tactician] 53
Billions of innocent lives lost are just a statistic for the cause to General Hux. Star systems will flicker out of existence and all shall kneel before the First Order. The worst kind of monster, death is something to be counted and weighed against his goal. There is only the First Order's ascension over the galaxy and that cost shall be paid in blood
General-hux-ruthless-and-methodical-medium-dark General Hux [Ruthless and Methodical]
General-Kalani-5-Star General Kalani Darkside M 5030 8170 150 60 Concentrated Fire 27
Serving the Separatists, this highly advanced super tactical droid has superior command capabilities well beyond that of any standard military droid. General Kalani was tasked by Count Dooku himself to quash the uprising against Separatist rule at Onderon.
General-Organa-5-Star-Light-Medium General Organa
GeneralLeia5stars General Organa [Leader of Hope] Lightside M 5510 8250 160 70 Together as One 33
The heart and soul of the Resistance, General Organa took a stand against the First Order while the New Republic fell back into complacency. She knows how much was sacrificed to bring peace to the galaxy. There is far too much at stake for vigilance to falter and with the rise of the First Order, General Organa knew that she could not stand by and let all that had been rebuilt crumble again under the shadow of the dark side.
General-Veers-5-Star General Veers Darkside M 7650 5780 150 60 Pain for Power 28
Maximilian Veers is an Imperial general who was posted on the flagship Executor in Darth Vader's Death Squadron. Personally leading the attack on the Rebel base on the frozen world of Hoth, Veers commanded the AT-AT squadron from the front lines which ultimately destroyed the Rebel's shield generator and allowed a full-scale Imperial invasion.
Grand-Admiral-Thrawn-Dark-Medium Grand Admiral Thrawn
IMG 1380 Grand Inquisitor
IMG 1390 Grand Moff Tarkin [Ruthless Power] -
Grand Moff Tarkin 5S Grand Moff Tarkin Darkside M 5340 6310 7130 9020 160 60 All EVA Down [Sml] 25
Grand Moff Tarkin became a regional governor in charge of multiple sectors after the Emperor abolished the Galactic Senate. One of the most cunning and formidable Imperial officers, he was put in command of the Death Star and the fight against the Rebel Alliance. He is one of the few beings willing to defy Darth Vader publically [sic].
Grand-Moff-Tarkin-The-Merciless Grand Moff Tarkin [The Merciless] Darkside L 6550 4370 9370 6070 250 60 Merciless Execution 128
To Tarkin, the petty rebellions and uprisings throughout the galaxy are simply nonsense. The Empire is the ultimate authority, and he shall see to it that every being in the galaxy understands that. Whether this costs the lives of thousands or billions, he does not care, for it does not matter. Nothing will stand in the way of Imperial supremacy.
Gregor5Stars Gregor Lightside L 7940 6090 150 50 Blaster Blitz 40
Dangerous acts of heroism are just part of the job for the elite clone commandos in the Grand Army. This rings especially true for CC-5579-39, aka Gregor, who got to be a hero, not once, but twice in the service of the Republic. Ready to join the fight without any hesitation during the Battle of Sarrish, he was forced to retreat while covering for his allies and thought to be lost in space. After being saved, he again risked his life to protect Meeber Gascon and his companions. Amazingly he survived and finally retired on Seelos with his comrades.
Han Solo 5S Han Solo Lightside M 6770 4470 9960 6390 160 70 - 18
Han Solo is a smuggler, gambler and Captain of the Millennium Falcon. His chance encounter with Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobiin a Tatooine cantina led to his involvement in Rebel Alliance and the destruction of two Death Stars.
Han-solo-heroic-smuggler Han Solo [Heroic Smuggler]
Han-Solo-Quick-Draw Han Solo [Quick Draw] Lightside M 5670 5670 8110 7570 160 60 Counter Attack [Med] 32
When one travels the galaxy as much as Han Solo, he will find that nothing surprises him anymore. Threats and double-crosses are as routine as ship maintenance. There is a fine line distinguishing those who can truly lead such a life of danger and those who are only pretending. That distinction goes to those who are able to walk from the cantina alive.
Han-Solo-Smuggler-for-Hire Han Solo [Smuggler for Hire] Lightside M 6580 4090 8550 5180 155 130 - 23
While he'd prefer to avoid Imperial entanglements, Han Solo has survived enough scrapes with the Empire to not be daunted in escaping the Death Star. He knows that somewhere between his wits, luck, and trusty blaster at his side; he'll get his ship off the battle station and a large sum of credits in his pocket.
IMG 1319 Hera Syndulla
Hondo-ohnaka-5-star-medium-dark Hondo Ohnaka Darkside M
Jabba The Hutt 5S Small Jabba The Hutt Darkside S 6490 4550 9900 7000 170 80 - 19
Jabba is one of the most notorious gangsters in the galaxy. Surrounding himself with bounty hunters, slave girls, and all manner of criminal scum. Jabba only leaves his palace on Tatooine but for a podrace or execution.
Jabba 1st Jabba the Hutt [1st Anniversary Limited Edition] Darkside S 5320 4870 6270 6020 175 85 - 19
Jabba cares not for the politics of the galaxy; only for credits and respect. While killing those who cross him is not uncommon, the Hutt lord takes great pleasure into making certain troublesome enemies into playthings and decorations for his den of evil. This demonstration of power comes as a sobering lesson for all those under his influence.
Jabba-The-Hutt-Crime-Lord Jabba the Hutt [Crime Lord]
Jango Fett 5S Jango Fett Darkside M 6520 4220 9880 6300 160 80 - 18
Jango Fett is an accomplished Mandalorian Bounty Hunter. His considerable skills were so impressive that it was his genetic code that was chosen as the template for the Clone Army of the Republic.
Jango-Fett-Assassin-Without-Peer-SWFC-Dark-Medium Jango Fett [Assassin Without Peer]
Jango-Fett-The-Original-Warrior Jango Fett [The Original Warrior] Darkside S 1820 6660 2430 9800 170 60

3-Unit Combat Skill Effect Down [Med]

A peak physical specimen with a particular capacity for ruthlessness, is it little wonder why Jango Fett was tapped as the genetic template for the Republic's clone army. The thoroughness of his input will be put to the ultimate test as he faces off against the very clones he created and their Jedi masters in the Geonosian arena.
Jar Jar Binks 5S Small Jar Jar Binks Lightside S 4730 2860 6960 4090 170 160 - 16
Jar Jar is a well-intentioned but bumbling Gungan. He was commissioned as a General in the Gungan Grand Army during the battle of Naboo and later became a Junior Representative in the Senate; eventually proposing the Emergency Powers Act.
Jar jar binks gs 5s Jar Jar Binks [Gungan Senator] Lightside S 3900 6030 5740 8620 140 60 Skill Effect Down [Med] 29
Initially dismissed by many as a bumbling klutz, Binks fortune drastically changed after meeting Qui-Gon Jinn. Binks became not only the Bombad General of the Gungan Army, but a Senator of Naboo. Feeling compelled to act on the Separatist crisis, Binks proposed that Palpatine be granted emergency powers.
Jyn-Erso-5-Star-Light Jyn Erso
K-2SO-light-medium-5-star K-2SO
Kanus-Jarrus-5-Star Kanan Jarrus
Ki-Adi-Mundi-5-Star-Light-Short Ki-Adi-Mundi
Kit-Fisto-5-Star Kit Fisto Lightside S 7810 8950 150 90 Force Push [Med] 37
A member of the Jedi Council and a Clone War general, Kit Fisto commands the forces of the Galactic Republic against the Separatists. As a highly skilled Jedi Master, he has dueled lethal opponents, including the likes of General Grievous and Darth Sidious.
Kylo-Ren-5-Star Kylo Ren
Kylo-ren-dark-prodigy Kylo Ren [Dark Prodigy]
Kylo-Ren-Starkiller-Base-5-Star-Dark-Short-Range Kylo Ren [Starkiller Base]
Kylo-ren-unmasked-short-dark Kylo Ren [Unmasked]
Lando Calrissian5S Lando Calrissian Lightside M 6120 5460 9010 7810 160 80 Self ACC Up [Sml] 24
Lando Calrissian, a former Sabaac shark, became the chief administrator and Baron of the Bespin mining colony of Cloud City. Just as he won the colony in a game of chance, he lost the Millennium Falcon to Han Solo.
Lando-Calrissian-Clever-Move Lando Calrissian [Clever Move]
Leia Organa 5S Leia Organa Lightside L 4300 4340 6530 6030 170 60

Self ATK Up [Med]

Having fled the Imperial assault on Echo Base, Leia and her companions came to Cloud City, seeking refuge from Vader's relentless pursuit. When Imperial forces ambushed and captured her, she had no choice but to blast her way out of Bespin.
Leia 1st Leia Organa [1st Anniversary Limited Edition] Lightside S 4870 5320 6020 6270 175 85 - 19
When Leia's bold play for rescuing Han Solo didn't quite go as planned, she was captured and was to be made an object for Jabba's amusement. However, Leia knows that the shackles that bind her can be turned to her advantage if she waits for the right moment.
Leia-Organa-A-Time-To-Strike Leia Organa [A Time to Strike]
Leia-Organa-Princess-Light-Medium Leia Organa [Princess] Lightside M
Leia-Organa-Speeder-Chase Leia Organa [Speeder Chase]
Lor-san-tekka-short-light Lor San Tekka
5lukeskywalker Luke Skywalker Lightside S 6250 6300 8550 8650 170 80 - 19
Despite his humble beginnings as a Tatooine moisture farmer, Luke Skywalker was destined to become a hero to the Rebel Alliance and one of the most powerful Jedi Knights in history.
Luke-Skywalker-Heir-to-an-Empire Luke Skywalker [Heir to an Empire] Lightside S 8780 8200 170 80 Rogue Leader 38
When Luke left his obscure Tatooine moisture farm, he had no idea what destiny awaited him. His powerful connection to the Force has led him to Bespin to confront a Force user of even greater power. Little does Skywalker know that he is about to discover a secret that will test everything he believes in.
Luke-Skywalker-Jedi-in-Training-Short-Light Luke Skywalker [Jedi in Training]
IMG 1310 Luke Skywalker [Jedi Hermit] -
Luke-Skywalker-Jedi-Knight Luke Skywalker [Jedi Knight]
Luke-Skywalker-Man-Of-Destiny Luke Skywalker [Man of Destiny] Lightside S 6510 7060 9440 9950 170 90 - 41
With the fate of the entire galaxy balanced precariously at Endor, Luke knows that his only chance to defeat the Empire is to confront his father, Darth Vader, and bring him back into the Light. As the Dark Side pervades all corners of the Emperor's throne room, Skywalker fights a great battle, both physically and mentally.
Luke-skywalker-master-of-the-force-light-short Luke Skywalker [Master of the Force] Lightside S
Luke Skywalker May 4th 5S Luke Skywalker [May the 4th Limited Edition] Lightside S 5010 5160 6120 6220 170 80 - 18
Luke Skywalker is a former moisture farmer from Tatooine and an unlikely hero of the Rebellion. After successfully destroying the Death Star, Luke continued his Jedi training on his own. During the Darth Vader's attack on the Rebel bast on Hoth, Luke helped delay Imperial AT-ATs long enough to allow Rebel transports to safely flee the planet.
Luminara-Unduli-5-Star Luminara Unduli Lightside S 4540 7630 6580 9660 240 80 3-Unit Combat Skill Effect Down [Med] 34
Her calm and poised demeanor belie the many battles Luminara has fought. The preternatural patience she exhibits even in frenetic combat has been noticed by many fellow masters and her command ability is outstanding. Despite her many successes, however, she wonders why so little headway is being made in the Clone Wars.
Mace Windu 5S Mace Windu Lightside S 6120 6320 9000 9030 170 80 Self ATK Up [Med] 32
Mace Windu is a Jedi Master known for both his Lightsaber skills as well as his wisdom and power in wielding the Force. He served as Grand Master of the Jedi High Coucil until he passed the title to Master Yoda at the onset of the Clone Wars.
Mace-Windu-A-Jedi-Betrayed-SWFC-Light-Short Mace Windu [A Jedi Betrayed] Lightside S
Mace mav 5s Mace Windu [Master of Vaapad] Lightside S 7650 5230 15000 7270 180 110 - 36
While best known as a prominent General in the Clone Wars, Windu was also Master of the Jedi Order for a time as well as the originator of the 'Vaapad' form of lightsaber combat. Mastery of this form involved intense self-awareness from those who used it; so much so that Windu is the only master of the form who has not fallen to the Dark Side.
MagnaGuard-5-Star MagnaGuard Darkside S 8220 9390 170 80 Resolve 29
Holowan Mechanicals designed the IG-100 Magnaguard to fulfill one purpose: kill Jedi. Clad in Lightsaber resistant armor, the Magnaguard protect the Separatist leadership and spearhead their armies. Thanks to their superior engineering, the IG-100 stands ready to oppose anyone foolish enough to bring a Lightsaber to a droid fight.
Master-Yoda-5-Star Master Yoda Lightside S 6740 6690 9140 8840 170 80 - 20
At almost 900 years old, this legendary Jedi Master, while short in stature, is one of the most powerful Jedi Knights ever. He served as a general in the Clone Wars before the rise of the Emperor forced him into hiding on planet Dagobah.
Master-Yoda-Aspect-of-the-Light Master Yoda [Aspect of the Light]
Master-Yoda-Defiance Master Yoda [Defiance of Evil] Lightside S 5600 6450 150 80 Defense Against the Dark 34
On the dark world of Moraband, Jedi Master Yoda sifted through the ashes of the fallen Sith homeworld, searching for the secrets of immortality. There, he entered an ancient tomb and disturbed the remains of one of the most infamous of the Sith Lords, Darth Bane. The grim specter offered Yoda what he sought, immortality in exchange for turning to the Dark Side of the force. Unfazed, Master Yoda called out the ghost, commenting that Bane was dead and Bane's illusion could offer him nothing.
Master Yoda 5S Master Yoda [Exile on Dagobah] Lightside S 4330 7070 6880 10790 170 90 - 21
Living in exile on Dagobah, Jedi Master Yoda remained in isolation until Luke Skywalker crashed in the nearby swamps. Despite his doupts about Luke's abilities, Yoda helped train Luke in the ways of the Force and to become a Jedi Knight.
Master-Yoda-Reluctant-General Master Yoda [Reluctant General] Lightside S 9000 9120 170 100 Form 4 29
Ever since the Naboo incident, Master Yoda's mind has been disquieted. He knew that dark schemes were at work once a Sith Lord chose to reveal himself, but his insight into how far they extended was clouded. Now that massive armies have appeared on two worlds; Yoda knows that whatever plot is afoot must be stopped quickly and violently.
Yoda GM Master Yoda [The Grand Master] Lightside S 5870 6330 8510 8800 170 80 Defender of the Weak 38
When Master Yoda realized the Palpatine had betrayed the Republic and the Jedi Order, he knew there is no choice but to confront the Sith Lord in combat. In the empty halls of a defunct senate, Grand Master Yoda makes his stand against the Emperor in a battle that will decide the fate of the galaxy for years to come.
Maz-kanata-5-star Maz Kanata
Maz-kanata-passing-a-legacy-short-light Maz Kanata [Passing a Legacy]
Mon-Mothma-5-Stars-Medium-Light Mon Mothma Lightside
Mother-talzin-short-dark-5-star Mother Talzin Darkside
Nute Gunray 5S Nute Gunray Darkside S 4580 5200 5590 6510 140 60 Adjacent Separatist ATK Up [Med] 24
Neimoidians were known for their exceptional organizational and business skills, but Nute Gunray is more cutthroat than most. His unscrupulous nature saw him ascend to the position of Viceroy of the Trade Federation after most of his peers were assassinated.
Obi-wan-kenobi-short-light Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightside
Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Master 5S Obi-Wan Kenobi [Jedi Master] Lightside S 4970 7230 7100 10330 170 90 Blaster Reflection [Med] 31
Given the name Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Jedi Master, a member of the Jedi High Council, and a Republic General in the Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars, Senator Amidala respects to Padmé Amidala, Lando, Mace Windu, Anakin and Younglings they are the Clone Commanders and Battle Droids they have captured end of the battle of Clone Wars.
Obiwan Kenobi Last Obi-Wan Kenobi [Last of the Order] Lightside S 5910 6310 8700 8900 170 80 Last of the Order 40
Made one of the last of the Jedi Order in the blink of an eye, Obi-Wan hopes to stifle the fledgling Empire in its infancy by confronting its heir apparent, Anakin Skywalker. Skywalker having totally given himself over to his new master, forced Obi-Wan to consider the man he once knew now dead, with only the shadow of the Dark Side standing in his place.
2014-01-07 09.45.31 Obi-Wan Kenobi [Padawan] Lightside S 5680 5980 8740 8550 170 100 - 19
A Padawan to Qui-Gon Jinn during the Trade Federation blockade of Naboo, Obi-Wan's transition to Knighthood was as brief as it was brutal. After watching his master fall to Darth Maul, Obi-Wan defeated the Sith Lord and then took on young Anakin Skywalker as his own apprentice.
IMG 1451 Obi-Wan Kenobi [Republic General] Lightside S 8520 9150 170 80 Vehicle Support 35
Obi-Wan's master had once said that Jedi cannot fight a war. Those words seem very distant now to the Jedi General as the Clone Wars drag him from battlefield to battlefield. Once a guardian of peace and justice, all Obi-Wan sees now is carnage and death. Still, he hopes that all of this fighting will one day, somehow, create a better Republic.
Obi-Wan Kenobi Varactyl Cavalry Obi-Wan Kenobi [Varactyl Cavalry] Lightside S 6200 5820 8620 8320 160 110 Confront Droid Army 39
While it's rarely a High General's place to engage in reconnaissance, Kenobi knew the mission to capture Grievous was too important to trust anyone but a Jedi Master with the task. Aware that the CIS would be alerted to errant ion emissions or repulsor signatures, Kenobi mounted a fast-moving Varactyl to get him close to the droid General.
Padme-Amidala-Final-Term Padme Amidala [Final Term] Lightside S 3650 5700 5080 8150 140 80 Pacify [Med] 27
Though she has been pining for the end of the terrible Clone Wars, Amidala never imagined it would conclude with the purge of the Jedi Order and Palpatine declaring himself Emperor. As the Senate applauds Palpatine's ascension, she is left with more questions than answers and she is determined to learn the truth, no matter where it leads.
Padme-resourceful-senator-new-version Padme Amidala [Resourceful Senator] Lightside
The birth mother of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, Padmé Amidala was elected as Queen of Naboo at a young age and led her people in liberating Naboo from the Trade Federation.
Padmé Amidala 5S Padmé Amidala [Senator at War] Lightside M 5050 5210 7780 8030 160 70 - 17
During a daring attempt to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi, Senator Amidala was captured and sentenced to be executed. Her quick thinking in the arena, however, bought herself and her Jedi companions the time needed to survive until help arrived.
Poe-dameron-5-star-light-medium Poe Dameron
Plo-Koon-Jedi-Pilot Plo Koon [Jedi Pilot]
Pong-Krell-5-Star Pong Krell
Queen Amidala 5S Queen Amidala Lightside S 4650 5410 5680 6520 140 60 3-Unit Light Side All Stats Up [Med] 25
Elected at the age of 14, Queen Amidala rules as the constitutional monarch of Naboo. During her reign, Amidala failed to break the Trade Federation blockade of her planet through political means, but was able to form an alliance with the native Gungans. Together they fought the Droid Army occupying Theed, the capital of Naboo.
Qui-Gon Jinn 5S Small Qui-Gon Jinn Lightside S 5820 6060 8560 8290 170 80 - 17
Qui-Gon Jinn is a powerful Jedi Master known for his skills with a Lightsaber as well as his conflicts with the Jedi Council. Qui-Gon trained both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker before his fateful duel with Darth Maul.
Qui-gon-jinn-fated-duelist-light-short Qui-Gon Jinn [Fated Duelist] -
Qui-Gon-Jinn-The-Final-Duel Qui-Gon Jinn [The Final Duel] Lightside S 6240 7320 9190 10040 170 80 - 39
Sensing a greater darkness pervading the Trade Federation's actions on Naboo, Qui-Gon was the first to conclude the dark warrior he confronted on Tatooine was a Sith. Despite of Jedi's policy of non-interfetrence; Jinn knew the Sith warrior would be in Theed when Amidala moved to retake the Capitol, and so he would be as well.
R2-D2 5S R2-D2 Lightside S 1790 6440 2640 9210 170 80 - 31
When this unassuming Astromech was assigned to the Naboo Royal Engineers, no one could have predicted that R2-D2 would bear witness to some of the most pivotal moments in galactic history. From the Naboo Crisis to the Battle of Endor, 'Artoo' wasn't only present, but an active participant in each conflict.
R2D2 -Star Wars Day-ChoB6qpVEAE-mXi R2-D2 [May the 4th Limited Edition] -
Rako-Hardeen-5-Star-Light-Long Rako Hardeen
Sabine-Wren-5-Star-Light-Short Sabine Wren
Sabine-wren-spectre-5-light-medium Sabine Wren [Spectre]
Sebulba-5-Star Sebulba Darkside S 2880 5700 240 160 - 28
A Dug from Malastare, Sebulba is a podracing pilot who rose to the top ranks of outer-rim podracers. Despite being highly-skilled at his profession, Sebulba still resorts to underhanded tricks to secure his victory. His unyielding desire for victory no matter the cost, make him an opponent to be feared.
Senator Palpatine 5S Senator Palpatine Lightside S 4430 5340 5540 6600 140 60 Adjacent Galactic Republic ATK Up [Med] 24
Despite a seemingly passive and reluctant exterior, Palpatine attained a coveted seat on the Galactic Senate. His kindly facade gave way to remarkable political shrewdness, however, when he convinced Queen Amidala to put forth a vote of No Confidence in Chancellor Valorum; securing Palpatine's own nomination as the next Chancellor.
IMG 1414 Seventh Sister Inquisitor
IMG 1313 Supreme Leader Snoke -
Rey-5-Star Rey Lightside
Rey-jedi-training-short-light Rey [Jedi Training] Lightside
Rey-Starkiller-Base-5-Star-Light-Short-Range Rey [Starkiller Base] Lightside
Savage-Opress-5-Star-Dark-Short Savage Opress
Saw-gerrera-5-star-light-medium Saw Gerrera
Shaak-Ti-5-Star Shaak Ti Lightside S 8350 8600 160 80 Guardian 35
Shaak Ti is a Jedi General and member of the Jedi Council who fought in some of the largest battles in the Clone Wars, including the Battle of Geonosis. She was one of the only Jedi Council members known to have escaped the Jedi purge ordered by Emperor Palpatine other than Master Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Shaak-Ti-Tipoca-Guardian-Light-Short-5-Star Shaak Ti [Tipoca Guardian]
Shadow trooper 5S Shadow Trooper Darkside L 7800 6080 170 70 Covert Action 35
Shadow Trooper armor is made from the stygian-triprismatic polymer material, which enhances their stealth capability, allowing them to avoid sensors. Along with specialized armor, these troopers also carried devices that could cloak them, rendering them almost completely invisible as they moved around.
Stormtrooper-5-Star-Medium-Dark Stormtrooper M -
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine 5S Supreme Chancellor Palpatine Darkside S 4800 5230 5790 6390 140 60 3-Unit Dark Side All Stats Up [Med] 26
Palpatine serves as the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, a position he filled after orchestrating the removal of the previous Chancellor. Little does anyone know that this former Senator from Naboo is also Darth Sidious, a powerful Sith Lord.
IMG 1381 Wicket W Warrick
Wedge-Antilles-5-Star Wedge Antilles Lightside M 5520 5340 7680 7630 160 70 - 17
There is only one pilot in the galaxy who has survived runs on two Death Stars; that pilot is Wedge Antilles. His exceptional skill behind the stick of an X-wing starfighter has meant the end of many an Imperial pilot and has led many to wonder if the Rebellion's victory over the Empire would even be possible without Antilles.
Zam-Wesell-5-Star Zam Wesell Darkside L 10000 5110 230 40 - 34
Zam Wesell does not sport the flashy costumes or scarred visages that many of her fellow bounty hunters do. Instead she strikes at a distance and remains inconspicuous. While she may take whatever form she likes, she'd rather her work become famous than any one of her aliases. After all, a recognizable assassin is an easily targeted assassin.

Special Cards

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Image Name Side Range Base ATK Base DEF Max ATK Max DEF ACC EVA Cost Desc.
Sphansolo Han Solo Neutral M 2800 2800 5600 5600 140 50 10
Han Solo is a famous smuggler and captain of the Millenium Falcon who made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. His reluctant involvement with Luke Skywalker was crucial in the destruction of the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin.
SPlukeskywalker Luke Skywalker Lightside S 2800 2800 5600 5600 150 60 10
Urged by the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi to trust in the Force, Luke and shut off the targeting computer of his X-Wing moments before firing his proton torpedoes into the Death Star's reactor exhaust port and destroying the Imperial battle station.
Spyoda Master Yoda Lightside S 2800 2800 5600 5600 150 60 10
In a climactic battle against Count Dooku, Master Yoda displays amazing speed and agility. He leaps through the air, twirling and battering at Dooku's defenses.

Other cards

Stack Cards

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Image Name Range Base ATK Base DEF 10 Stack ATK Stack DEF Accuracy Evasion Description
STstormtrooper1 Stormtrooper S 500 290 5000 2900 150 0
Stormtroopers are the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire.

This card was part of the 'Battle of the Deathstar' event.

STstormtrooper2 Stormtrooper M 290 500 2900 5000 140 0
Stormtroopers are the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire.

This card was part of the 'Battle of the Deathstar' event.

STsandtrooper1 Sandtrooper S 500 300 5000 3000 150 0
Sandtroopers are soldiers of the Galactic Empire specialized in desert tactics.
STsandtrooper2 Sandtrooper M 300 500 3000 5000 140 0
Sandtroopers are soldiers of the Galactic Empire specialized in desert tactics.
2013-10-08 17.08.27 Ewok S 480 270 4800 2700 150 0
Ewoks are natives of Endor's Forest Moon.
2013-10-08 17.10.39 Ewok M 270 480 2700 4800 140 0
Ewoks are natives of Endor's Forest Moon.
2013-10-08 17.11.04 Gungan S 490 270 4900 2700 150 0
Gungans are natives of the planet Naboo.
2013-10-08 17.11.12 Gungan M 270 490 2700 4900 140 0
Gungans are natives of the planet Naboo.
2013-10-08 17.10.49 Clone Trooper S 510 290 5100 2900 150 0
Clonetroopers are an army of clone soldiers created to serve the Grand Army of the Republic.
Clone Trooper 2 Stack Small Clone Trooper M 290 510 2900 5100 140 0
Clonetroopers are an army of clone soldiers created to serve the Grand Army of the Republic.
B1 Battle Droid Stack Small B1 Battle Droid S 490 280 4900 2800 150 0
B1 Battle Droids are the backbone of the Trade Federation and the Separatist Droid Armies.
B1 Battle Droid 2 Stack Small B1 Battle Droid M 280 490 2800 4900 140 0
B1 Battle Droids are the backbone of the Trade Federation and the Separatist Droid Armies.
B2 Battle Droid Stack Small B2 Super Battle Droid S 510 300 5100 3000 150 0
B2 Super Battle Droids are upgraded versions of the B1 Battle Droids.
B2 Battle Droid 2 Stack Small B2 Super Battle Droid M 300 510 3000 5100 140 0
B2 Super Battle Droids are upgraded versions of the B1 Battle Droids.
SnowTrooper S Snowtrooper S 420 400 4200 4000 150 0
[EVENT: Hoth Defensive] Imperial Snowtroopers are specialized shock troops trained and equipped to operate in particularly frigid environments.
SnowTrooper M Snowtrooper M 400 420 4000 4200 140 0
[EVENT: Hoth Defensive] Imperial Snowtroopers are specialized shock troops trained and equipped to operate in particularly frigid environments.
CloneTrooperPhase2ArmorStack S Clone Trooper: Phase 2 Armor S 510 300 5100 3000 150 0
Equipped with the latest upgrades in armor and electronics, the Phase II armor makes a squad of Clone Trooper working as a unit a truly formidable force.
CloneTrooperPhase2ArmorStack M Clone Trooper: Phase 2 Armor M 300 510 3000 5100 140 0
Equipped with the latest upgrades in armor and electronics, the Phase II armor makes a squad of Clone Trooper working as a unit a truly formidable force.
WookieStack S Wookiee S 430 380 4300 3800 150 0
Indigenous to the jungle world, Kashyyyk, Wookiees are renown for their considerable strength and ferocity. Despite a rather primitive appearance, Wookiees are surprisingly capable engineers, having designed many elegant and durable spacecraft.
WookieeStack M Wookiee M 380 430 3800 4300 140 0
Indigenous to the jungle world, Kashyyyk, Wookiees are renown for their considerable strength and ferocity. Des