Path of the Jedi

Path of the Jedi was an event that was part of the 2nd half of the Player Appreciation Festival. Unlike the "Elite Training Vaults" (which had a maximum of 4 "Vaults") and "Elite Operatives" (which had a maximum of 6) before it, this event had 12 "vaults" (trainings). Instead of being centered on the Kamino clone training facilities, this event was centered on Luke Skywalker's Jedi training (showcased in The Last Jedi).

Rewards included Support Cards, limited-edition 5-Star Wampas and even Galaxy Ticket Vouchers (as Random Victory Rewards).

No new Support Cards were introduced, this event being the last of its kind (the "Against All Odds" and "First Order Assualt" support cards, released in January 2018, were the last support cards introduced)

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