Support Abilities grant special abilities that exceed regular Skills. They can be found in regular Cards, and through Support Cards.

The support deck Edit


Editing a support deck. This support deck has the abilities "Character Card HP Up", "Close Quarters", "Forbidden Love" and "Battle of Hoth" enabled.

The support deck is separate to your regular Formation. It can house 7 cards with or without support abilities. Its maximum cost level is equivalent to 1/3 the CAP of a player's battle formation.

Stack Cards, Vehicles, character cards set in the Offense/Defense formation and cards assigned as vehicle pilots cannot be assigned to Support Decks.

Type values Edit

Support abilities activate only when the sum of the type values of all the cards assigned to your Support Deck satisfies or exceeds the abilities "Required Type Value". Note that a support card's ability is not dependent on type values, but on the support card's evolution level.

To calculate type values:

Card's rarity (number of Stars) + Evo Level * 0.1

Some abilities have more than one required type value, and all must be satisfied for the ability to activate.

Certain Support Abilities have levels that affect their intensity. Different levels of these Support Abilities have different Required Type Values.